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BMX Racing Number Plates For Your BMX

BMX may be one of the most individual-oriented sports on the planet. Unlike motocross where a good proportion of bikes in any particular field may look virtually identical (unless they’re sporting custom graphics from OMX of course) with BMX it’s likely you won’t find any two that look alike. Colors, styles, graphics and equipment setups are all designed to match the physical characteristics of the rider and express their personality to a T. But while this type of individual expression is great it can also be confusing. Spectators, faced with a blizzard of visual information often lose track of the person they’re trying to follow. For that reason custom BMX number plates can pay handsomely as they help set you apart from the crowd and ensure any photos carry your unmistakable ID.

OMX graphics offers a wide variety of fully customizable BMX number plate graphics that clearly identify you to race officials, support teams, media and fans. Since bike number plates for BMX are required equipment for any official event anyway, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to set the record straight about who you are.

Why Add Custom BMX Number Plates to Your Bike?

Everyone who enters an official BMX event is required to have a number plate. When you’re just starting out it may be in your best interest to stick with the standard issue plate. That way when you wipe out or finish 37th (as every newcomer does) you can do so anonymously. Later however, when you’ve got your race legs under you you’ll want people to know who you are and remember your name. And a custom plate graphic is an invaluable aid in the quest for proper recognition.

At OMX we take the creation of custom graphics for motorized and non-motorized two-wheeled racing seriously. We’re industry leaders in the creation of dazzling, leading edge, affordable motocross graphics and we apply the same care and attention to detail to our customizable BMX number plate stickers. When you order your custom BMX plate graphic from OMX you can be sure:

  • Your custom BMX number plate template is created using premium vinyl, is thoroughly covered in the most durable laminate available and is printed using the same UV resistant inks we use to create our world class dirt bike graphics.
  • Your new customized number plate stickers will stand up to the most brutal track and weather conditions and will stand their ground when faced with the most intense power wash.
  • Your plate can be customized to your exact specifications. If you wish you can send us a sketch of what you have in mind design-wise and our graphic pros will turn that sketch into an eye-popping design that will leave the competition speechless.
The gas tank can seem like a temptingly easy piece to install but in fact it must be handled with the utmost care. That’s because fumes from the gas can seep into the quads graphics and corrupt them. This will cause them to fail to adhere properly and you’ll discover them peeling off in short order. The best way to handle this is to empty all the gas from the tank and then let it sit with the cap off for a few days to thoroughly air out. Then wash the surface of the tank with a degreasing soap. Rinse it thoroughly and let everything dry completely. Your tank should now be ready to accept the new decals.

What Makes Our BMX Number Plates Such a Great Value?

There are a lot of places that will sell custom graphics for BMX plates so what makes OMX a smarter choice for BMX custom number plates?

  • Options – It’s choices that make the world go round and we offer a dizzying array of choices for your customized BMX racing number plate. Those choices include your name, race number, colors, backgrounds, the addition of industry logos, sponsor logos and more. Or choose an existing design to match the brand of your bike and the specific size of your plate. If you decide you want something completely personal we can do that too. Or we can use an existing design as a point of departure and create a stunning hybrid that will rise above the fray.
  • Experience – We have decades of experience designing and creating world-class pre-made, semi-custom and fully customized graphics for 2-wheel sports. Our dirt bike graphics are legendary and the go-to graphics for many of the world’s top riders. When you select OMX to provide your graphics for your BMX the quality of the finished product will be beyond reproach.
  • Customer Service – At OMX we understand to our core that true customer service means giving the customer what they want; not providing them a substandard product and a phone number where they can complain about it. Every member of the OMX team knows that if they do their job the customer service aspect of things tends to take care of itself. In the extremely rare case something does go wrong with an order we get to the bottom of the issue quickly and set things right.
  • Highest Quality Materials – At OMX we’ve been doing this a long time and, in many very real ways, we’ve set the standards to which most of the industry aspires. We don’t mess around when it comes to materials because we know the true quality of BMX race plates graphics is not revealed at the time of purchase but afterward. After the graphic has been subjected to the unforgiving sun, the wind and rain and the often brutal conditions of the track. It’s months after you have installed one of our premium number plate graphics that you’ll really appreciate the time, effort and materials that went into its creation.
  • Online Ordering Done Right – When you order your customized number plate graphics through our secure website you find everything you need to create a dazzling number plate right there at your disposal. The process is intuitive and fast and your information is handled with complete discretion and security. (More on this below.)
  • Rapid Turnarounds – The minute your payment has cleared your order is forwarded to our production team where the process begins. In the vast majority of cases your custom number plate graphic will be on its way to you within 3 to 5 days. By the time the next race rolls around you’ll have the most impressive and styling number plate in the field.

Whether you’re new to BMX or have an overflowing trophy case we have an array of BMX number plates for sale that will do you proud. Pick from one of our premade designs and add some pertinent information or work with our world class designers to come up with a number plate graphic that will grab attention at every turn. The sky’s the limit with custom BMX plates from OMX graphics.

Ordering With Our State-of-the-Art Online App

As we mentioned above one of the best reasons to choose OMX to produce your custom plate is the ease and dependability of ordering through our secure website. With everyone under the sun offering online design and purchase these days it can be difficult to determine which companies can be trusted with your personal information. OMX Graphics was a pioneer in online ordering of motocross and BMX graphics and our online business continues to grow because customers from around the world know we won’t let them down. When you order your custom BMX graphics through our online app the process will typically proceed as follows:

  • Navigate to our BMX plate graphics page.
  • Select the brand and style of plate you have.
  • Select the quantity, brand size and whether you want any mini BMX racing number plates (they’re free!).
  • Customize your number plate decal with your name, background color, rider number and more.
  • Add custom logos; either your own, your team or your sponsors (you can drag and drop any logo artwork directly to our app).
  • Add all your selections to the cart and check out.
  • The moment payment is confirmed we get busy filling your order.
  • We take all the input you provided and create a proof which we send to you for approval.
  • If there is anything you’d like to tweak you tell us at this point and we do the tweaking.
  • Once the design is finalized your order is turned over to our world class printing team.
  • They put every component of our state of the art printing facility to work realizing your design.
  • Only the highest quality inks and vinyl are used in the production of your graphics.
  • Within 3 to 5 days your new custom plate graphic is on its way to you.

While we continually strive to make the process as simple and efficient as possible in extremely rare cases an issue may arise with an order. Should that occur we set to work straight away to get to the bottom of it and clear it up so that you can get on with the business of enjoying your new custom number plate. Our primary concern is and always will be your complete satisfaction with the finished product. All other considerations are secondary.

And remember we offer free worldwide delivery.

Customize Your BMX

Custom BMX number plate graphics are the finishing touch on your BMX. Before you get to the number plate though you’ll want to take certain steps that will help you provide your bike with an individual profile that is yours and yours alone. The BMX universe is one where personalities are always on full display, and nowhere more so than in the look of the bike itself. No other sport encourages or allows such a high degree of customization. Not motocross, not NASCAR, not sprint cycling; nothing.

If you want to make sure the bike you apply your custom BMX bike number plate graphics to is every inch an expression of your passion and dedication to the sport here are a few tips on how to customize a BMX bike in order to achieve the look you’re after:

  • The Frame – The typical BMX bike has an aluminum frame. The fact that aluminum is so much lighter than steel allows the manufacturer to create a frame that with wider tubes and more robust welds. The effect of all this increased frame surface area and bigger welds is that the bike has a nice stiff feel to it. If you really want your BMX bike to fit you like a well-tailored suit you can begin by adjusting the height of the top tube as this one influences where the center of gravity is for the bike. Lower is generally better but it depends at least to some degree on your height. Seat clamps and chain tensioners are other popular customization features.
  • The Forks – BMX bikes feature rigid forks. There’s no getting around it. Having a sophisticated suspension system might sound like a good idea but it would only add weight and it’s not really necessary anyway with the forces involved. Some top-of-the-line BMX bikes boast forks made of carbon fiber and if you can afford that then more power to you. The overwhelming majority of BMX forks are made of steel. If you want to customize your own BMX bike, including the forks, the angle they’re set at will be of primary interest. While it’s not common some riders will adjust the stock angle to work better with their own particular physical characteristics.
  • The Wheels – Most stock BMX wheels are fashioned from 36H alloy with a sealed hub, a double wall rim and steel axle. They’ll be able to handle pretty much whatever the average track presents them. But there are plenty of riders who order custom wheels for their bike; perhaps because they weigh more than the average rider or to accommodate a particular type of tire the stock wheel won’t. When it comes to the tires themselves there’s more choices than we have room to list here.
  • The Brakes – US law states that BMX bikes must be sold with 2 brakes. When it comes to racing however, most riders will remove the one on the front wheel, first to save weight and second because the dynamics of the BMX track means the front brake is essentially superfluous. Freestyle riders however may feel otherwise. They may also opt for a different type of brake then the stock V-style that comes with most bikes. Because the freestyler is typically navigating clean surfaces they’re able to make effective use of just about whatever brake type they wish to install that best suits their needs.
  • The Bars and Stem – Most BMX bikes use 2 piece steel bars although chromoly steel is not unheard of on the high end bikes. Bars are one of the most common components of a BMX bike that a rider will customize. There is no design limit on what type of bars or BMX handlebar pads you can have although to be sure there are practical limits to what you can do with the bars on a racing bike if you hope to remain competitive. Grips are another area where riders are constantly asserting their personal preferences.
  • The Drivetrain – The average BMX bike utilizes one of 3 different types of crank: the one, two and three piece cranks. A one piece crank is the mechanism at its most basic with one continuous piece of metal forming both crank arms as well as the axle. The two piece crank is often found on mountain bikes. With this type of crank the axle is welded to the crank arm on the drive side. Three piece cranks are the most popular with BMX racers due to their astonishing strength and durability plus the fact that they can be swapped out easily if you’re after a particular fit. And if they get damaged they’re both affordable and easy to replace. Freestylers will often customize the drive train so that both the front and rear cranks are the same small size. They primarily do this in order to create maximum ground clearance which gives them more options when it comes to executing tricks.


If you’ve gone through the trouble of turning your stock BMX bike into a customized track demon that chews up the competition and looks like a million bucks, order a customized graphic for your BMX number plates to complete the look. We’re the industry leaders in providing state of the art graphics for dirt bikes and bring the same attention to detail to all the custom number plate decals we create for BMX bikes as well. Ordering is easy as pie and we stand by every graphic we produce. If it’s time to emerge from the shadows and take your place among the elite BMX riders then it’s time to announce your arrival with a stunning, custom BMX number plate graphic from OMX Graphics. Take a look through the BMX plate graphics portion of our secure website and if you have any questions feel free to contact us in any of the ways laid out on our contacts page. The BMX bike you’ve always wanted is one step away from completion. Add a custom number plate from OMX today and finish the job.

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