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Custom MX and BMX Jerseys

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Custom MX jersey

High Quality Custom MX and BMX Jerseys

In the world of motocross having the right gear is more than a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. Boots, shin guards, elbow and knee guards, shoulder guards and roost deflectors keep you in the game and ensure you get across the finish line in one piece. But there is one more essential item that should never be overlooked: custom mx jerseys.

Essential Gear Doesn’t Have to be Dull

Back in the not-too-distant past MX racers often wore little more than a long-sleeve pullover shirt or motocross sweatshirt. While these did an almost adequate job of keeping roost off your arms and torso in dry conditions they were far less than adequate in the rain and provided no protection against flying pebbles and sticks. Woe unto the old time MX racer who took a hard fall in a sweatshirt too. Thankfully the motocross jersey has come a long way in recent years.

An OMX custom mx jersey is custom made to fit like a glove and provide you the protection you need at a price you can afford. Because we understand that dull doesn’t get you noticed, every moto jersey we sell is a catching piece of custom dirt bike gear that’s been continually refined in order to reach its current level of cutting edge design, comfort, durability and performance. We offer 11 different design templates each one of which can be fully customized with your choice of colors, logo, name and number. If you are serious about motocross you need a stunning, reliable, tough and good looking MX shirt from OMX to help create an authentic identity of your own.

What Do Good Motocross and BMX Jerseys Do?

Because dirt bike apparell from OMX is so incredibly handsome you could be forgiven for thinking they’re nothing but a motocross fashion statement. But that’s hardly the case. Our high-quality, easy-to-clean, extremely durable MX riding jerseys are high performance custom motocross gear designed to manage air flow, regulate your body temperature and whisk away moisture so that you stay both comfortable and dry while retaining optimal range of motion. Here are some of reasons to select a custom motocross jersey from OMX.

  • They help regulate body temperature – As we mentioned overheating is a constant threat to denizens of the MX track so some moto jerseys contain a breathable mesh that allows you to vent heat when the aforementioned sun is beating down and making things unbearable. The fit is also snug but relaxed and engineered to make sure moisture is quickly whisked away.
  • They identify you to the press and your crew – It can be difficult to identify racers solely by their bike, especially in tough, sloppy conditions. The mud and muck get so thick they obscure numbers, decals and other identifying characteristics. When you’re sporting a custom MX jersey from OMX however there’s no mistaking you for someone else. You’ll stand out in photos and videos and your crew will never lose sight of you.
  • They protect you from the sun – Without adequate sun protection dirt bike racers would be in tough shape. The sun can be intense out on the track and it would be easy to lose sight of how long you had been exposed. Fortunately today’s custom motocross jerseys provide excellent protection from the UV rays and ensure you’re never in danger of ending a race with a nasty sunburn.
  • They protect you in the event of a fall – Like sun protection this type of protection is a no-brainer. If your MX riding jersey doesn’t protect you at least to some degree during falls it’s time to trade up to one that does. The ground can be unforgiving and especially so if you are riding outdoor trails to try and hone your skills. One tumble on an ungroomed trail can lead to scrapes, stitches and more, particularly if your bike lands on top of you with the red hot engine and the back wheel still spinning like a top.

In addition the durable polyester material also fights stains, resists odors and cleans up super easy. Just toss it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry. There’s no need to worry about the fade-free graphic either. It’s the result of a sublimated printing process and is not a cheap iron on job as was common back in the day. Just make sure whatever jersey you buy will easily accommodate your other protective dirt biking gear, that it isn’t too tight in the neck area and that it doesn’t restrict your movements.

What You Get and How You Get It

While MX racing is one of the most intense sports on the planet it’s also intense fun and boasts millions of passionate fans worldwide. It’s important that a racer play to their base and that their outfit reflect their sense of commitment and their individuality.

  • A personalized dirt bike jersey from OMX will allow you to establish a unique identity. One that will cut through the roost, the rain and the deafening roar of the engines.
  • Our cutting edge designs and fresh, brilliant colors adorn high performance, breathable, moisture and odor-resistant jerseys that enhance your ability to perform in the most trying conditions.
  • Our custom BMX and motocross jerseys are more affordable than you think. We make every effort to reduce waste from our process and pass the savings on to you.
  • Ordering through our secure website is easy as pie and completely safe. Once you have made your customization choices and payment is confirmed you can expect to receive your custom jersey in 3 to 5 days.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Motocross riders are not graphic designers (at least most of them aren’t). They have other, more important things on their mind besides worrying about how to best express the pursuit of MX glory using line and color. That’s what we’re for. Our designers eat, sleep and breathe this stuff and provide you with a slew of foundational designs. All you have to do then is add the finishing touches that will separate your jersey or jerseys from the pack. The process is simple and straightforward and our online customization app is best and most reliable in the business.

  • Choose from a variety of color schemes for your specific design. Then add your own logo and number to complete the look. If you don’t have a logo contact us and we can create one for you.
  • Your selections are used to generate composites which show you exactly what your new dirt bike jersey will look like when printed. No jerseys are actually created without your prior approval of the design.
  • Once approved the design is printed in our leading edge facility and on its way to you in just a few days.

The jersey you receive will immediately enhance your track presence and serve notice to your competition that you’re not messing around.

Only the Highest Quality Materials

It’s easy to make MX clothing look good in an Internet image. It’s quite another thing to ensure that the jersey you unbox keeps the promise the composites made. With some companies the jersey you receive doesn’t bear a lot of resemblance to what you thought you ordered. That is never the case with MX apparel from OMX. Our product always lives up to the hype which is why so many riders return to us time and again for the MX wear that keeps them looking like a million bucks. All of our jerseys…

  • Are fashioned from high grade 100% polyester and are printed with the highest quality inks available. Inks that won’t bleach out after a couple of weeks on the track or a few spins in the washing machine.
  • Are lightweight, breathable, durable and comfortable. A great looking jersey isn’t much good if it restricts movement or causes you to overheat. That won’t happen with your OMX jersey.
  • Are easy to care for and clean up in a snap.

Industry Leading Standards

We’re proud of our reputation for creating industry best dirt bike graphics and we’re also mindful that if our motocross shirts don’t pass muster the reputation of our other products could suffer by association. Therefore we worked out all the bugs and perfected the process of creating high quality custom designed jerseys before we ever began offering them to riders. The jerseys you receive today from OMX will stand head and shoulders above anything you’ll get anywhere else. And our parallel commitment to customer satisfaction means that there’s no better or safer place to obtain the MX or custom BMX jerseys you want and need than OMX.

What to Look For in a Motocross Jersey

Finding just the right custom dirt bike jersey isn’t as simple as it seems. There are a number of factors to consider when determining if the jersey you have your eye on is right for you and will withstand the rigors of the track. Here are some of the things to look for and consider in your dirt bike apparel:

  • To vent or not to vent, that is the question – Non-vented motocross and BMX jerseys are a popular choice for cooler days, of which there are many on the motocross calendar. They allow you to retain valuable heat while whisking away moisture and retaining their breathability so that any heat accumulation that does occur is not unbearable. They’re a far cry performance wise from the old cotton shirts that would become soaked with sweat and make you feel like you were wearing a wet bath towel. On the other hand, on extremely hot and humid days you’re going to want to be sure you’re wearing a custom motorcycle jersey with open mesh ventilation to release heat and moisture that would otherwise build up under the shirt. Overheating is a serious issues on hot days. The heat can get so intense that riders often lose several pounds during the course of a race. The bottom line is you wouldn’t run a marathon in the summer wearing sweats and you shouldn’t be navigating a motocross course in the summer with an unvented jersey.
  • Padded or unpadded elbows – Elbow padding is all very well and good and can help mitigate the effects of your elbow being hit by stone or being injured if you take a spill. But padding alone is no substitute for proper elbow guards. Most riders decide whether to wear a jersey with elbow pads based solely on comfort. If they feel the pads are too constricting they’ll buy a jersey without them. As we said however, whether you go the padded or unpadded route you’re still going to need elbow guards. No buts.
  • Crew neck or V-neck – This one will be largely a matter of personal preference, although many riders prefer v-neck jerseys on hotter days. There is no doubt the crew neck will provide just a bit more protection on courses where it’s possible you’ll be encountering tree branches or other greenery. They can feel a bit constricting though and on warmer days they’re certainly going to retain a bit more heat.
  • Cuffs or no cuffs – Cuffs typically provide you with a little more protection from dirt and debris working its way into your sleeves and up your arms. Some riders however feel that cuffs are too confining and that on hot days they can add to heat retention. Cuffless dirt bike shirts will provide a looser feel where wrist meets glove. And some riders prefer that regardless of the temperature.
  • Dye sublimation – This is the inking process all the best motocross clothes manufacturers are using today and it’s easy to see why. It produces sharp, crisp lines and brilliant colors that are steadfast and won’t shrink from the sun or the washing machine.
  • Sizing – Most every MX and custom BMX jersey today tends to fit like a standard turtle neck pullover. Whether the shirts is actually form fitting or not will have more to do with your own physique than the shirt itself. If you feel a jersey is a little too form-fitting you may want to go up a size and if you think it may be too lose you may want to go down 1 size. Basically you want something that’s snug but not binding.

While there’s nothing wrong with getting a good deal that is not necessarily the same as paying the lowest price. In many cases you’re going to get what you paid for when it comes to cheap dirt bike jerseys. If the price of a particular jersey is markedly lower than the competition you have to ask yourself where they are cutting corners to make up for the low price. Companies selling dirt bike clothes are like any other company; they’re there to make a profit. So bottom of the barrel pricing usually means bottom of the barrel quality. Otherwise the company couldn’t make any money.

The Importance of Being You

There are a lot of places today where you can pick up articles of clothing being sold as motocross jerseys. In fact these are nothing more than fan jerseys intended to be worn by weekend warriors or wannabes. And while there’s nothing wrong with that in principal the true dirt track resident (that would be you) is going to require more from your MX or bmx racing jersey than a mass produced shirt can deliver. Your jersey needs to be distinctive for a number of good reasons:

  • It helps establish your professional personality – Some riders want to project an image of being all business on the track. Their bike and their outfit both project a no-nonsense aura that says “I’m here to win so get out of my way.” Others want to establish themselves as freewheeling types willing to take a risk to grab the checkered flag. Someone like that may want a jersey with high key colors and extreme graphics that say “I don’t really care what you think.” Either way the look you adopt for the track is important in establishing your identity, your brand. And because of that you’ll want a personalized motocross jersey.
  • It ensures you’re never lost in the roost – It’s no exaggeration to say that by the 10th lap everybody starts looking pretty much the same. Therefore it’s important that you have some way to separate yourself from the pack and the most effective ways to do that are with state-of-the-art motocross dirt bike graphics and dazzling custom printed dirt bike clothing from OMX. When riders are slamming through turns in a cloud of dust or roost deciphering who is who can be a challenge. Give fans something to hang their hat on with a custom made jersey from OMX Graphics.
  • They make your professional case – If you aspire to become executive VP of financing at an investment bank you’d better look the part. If you aspire to be considered an up and coming star on the dirt track the image you project is equally important. Endorsements and fan engagement depend in large part on your ability to establish a distinct personality. Motocross and BMX jerseys from OMX are one of the most cost-effective ways to do that. Making sure your jersey and other motocross accessories are in visual sync with your dirt bike graphics is also a crucial part of any successful personal marketing strategy for dirt bike riders.
  • They’re just great fun – Not everything having to do with the custom MX and BMX jersey has to be market oriented. At some level you have to be committed just to having some fun with your look. Wear a different color (with the same design) to every race or add a logo that’s off the wall. Because dirt bike jerseys from OMX are such an outstanding value proposition you’re free to order a bunch and have at it.

Motocross and Custom BMX jerseys allow you to separate yourself from the pack while also providing you protection from the sun, the cold and heat and the physical hazards of the track. Makes sure you order your BMX or MX jersey from the number 1 company in dirt bike graphic design: OMX Graphics.

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