A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring Different Types of Motocross Tracks

Motocross is a motorcycle racing sport where participants ride over rough terrain. In this game, the courses are one to three miles long, and there should be different obstacles for the bike riders. The exciting part of this game is that there are two various courses, making motocross more demanding and exciting than other racing sports. 

While one rider might be able to hop or jump on a motorcycle around town, preparing for this race involves more than just riding. If you are considering joining this race, you need to consider the time of the race and the various obstacles you may encounter because motocross is a physically demanding sport requiring a lot of physical and mental training. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of motocross, the benefits of this game, and the different types of motocross tracks. So, let’s get started.


Over decades, the popularity of motocross has rapidly increased across the USA, and it can easily be seen why the fast-paced excitement can make anyone crazy, especially when you watch it live.

If you are considering getting into mx sports, then hold on; the journey comes with many terms you might not be aware of. For instance, the types of tracks, their layout, features, rules and regulations and so on. So, when you hear someone discussing the challenges of any track, it may sound like they are talking in different languages.

Benefits of Trying Different Motocross Tracks

Motocross is one of the most challenging sports in the world as it is a blend of mental strength, physical demand and different techniques and repetition. While this sport seems complex, it has a significant component that leads to many joys and challenges. Here are some benefits of trying different motocross tracks:

  • Improved Riding Skills

Engaging in repetitive off-road riding and training significantly increases one’s riding skills. Repetition enables the refinement of techniques, facilitates rapid progress, fosters muscle memory development, and expedites recovery following an unexpected fall. When your riding terrain constantly varies in the wilderness, you might not have the opportunity for as much repetition in a short time frame. This is why incorporating MX cross-training proves to be extremely beneficial.

  • Enhanced Fitness Training 

Motocross riders rank among the most physically robust and mentally resilient athletes globally. Core strength, flexibility, mobility, recovery, and repetitive practice are all integral to the sport of Motocross, making it an ideal candidate for cross-training and the direct transfer of skills to other sports, not to mention enhancing overall fitness levels.

  • Broader Experience

Whether you are new to motocross or have years of experience, it is a fact that you are likely to become nervous while riding in the challenging territory. But with all these fears come great experiences! The experience of soaring through the sky, hoping in rough tracks and shredding berms can be intimidating. 

  • Network Expansion

After stepping into the world of motocross and finally discovering your hobby, you will find like-minded people who will like to be your friends. You will love to enjoy riding dirt bikes with them. This is another exciting benefit of motocross that helps you improve your social life and leads to a happier and high-quality life.

  • Increased Fun

You can increase fun, build confidence and improve enjoyment of sports with good riding techniques. By mastering the proper techniques for motocross riding, you will become comfortable and confident in controlling your bike to the path that enhances your ride, adding fun to your hobby. 

What are Different Types of Tracks

Let’s explore some common types of motocross track and jumps:

Berm turns: Like other bike parks and trail systems, berms are common in motocross. These banked turns offer an ideal tire grip that enables cyclists to navigate the corner at higher speeds compared to flat turns. Skillful execution of a well-timed berm entry can even result in speed gain, propelling riders out of the turn.

Step Off: A step off is a small jump performed off a table top. This jump comes right before a table top.

Table Top: This track is a flat raised jump performed from the top side to the down side. 

Ski Jump: This track is the long drop off an elevated section just like the one at the Winter Olympics. 

Whoops: A whoops section resembles a sizable speed bump and is a track segment that riders aim to traverse at high speeds to avoid getting stuck. Mastering the whoops correctly can help riders gather momentum.

Doubles: Doubles consist of pairs of substantial jumps executed in succession. In a double, riders land on the downside of the second jump and take advantage of the distance and height provided by the first jump.

Rhythm section: A rhythm section, in contrast, is a milder version of whoops with shorter peaks and shallower valleys, making it less intimidating. 

Split lanes: Split lanes designate track segments that offer multiple paths for riders to follow, eventually leading toward completing the track, with similar features along the way.

Rollers: Rollers are track sections resembling rolling hills, typically located in areas where the track gains elevation.

Dragon’s Back: The Dragon’s Back, also known as a “step over,” is frequently seen on Supercross tracks and sometimes on motocross tracks. It shares some similarities with a rhythm section but ascends in elevation and concludes with a small jump.

Quad: A quad is essentially a sequence of four jumps, resembling a double or triple but with the addition of a fourth jump.

S-curve: An S-curve is a track portion shaped like an “S,” presenting a challenge for riders to navigate while offering an opportunity to build momentum leading up to an obstacle.

Triple: Similar to doubles, a triple involves three substantial jumps in succession. Riders land on the downside of the second jump and then spring off from the third jump. Some proficient riders may even clear the second jump entirely by generating sufficient momentum from the first jump, landing on the downside of the third.

Off camber: An off camber denotes a corner without a berm. The inner part of the corner maintains the standard track height, while the outer part is lower, making it challenging for riders to stay on the inside. 

Famous Tracks: What Makes Them Special

Photo credit: ClubMX

Club MX – Chesterfield, SC

ClubMX has established a strong reputation based on its state-of-the-art training facilities, which provide aspiring future stars with the necessary training and personalized guidance to propel them into professional ranks. Whether you’re looking to stay for a month or even an entire year, ClubMX primarily serves as a training hub for the upcoming generation of riders. 

Cycle Ranch – Floresville, TX

Cycle Ranch, a top-tier destination both in Texas and across the nation, is conveniently located just under an hour to the southeast of San Antonio. This expansive 200-acre events center is not only renowned for hosting over 20 Motocross races annually but also offers a diverse range of other events.

Baja Acres – Millington, MI

Located well to the north of Detroit, Baja Acres has been in operation since 1974. The facility offers a 1.5-mile track that meets national caliber standards, catering to seasoned riders. Additionally, there is a separate track dedicated to junior riders. The terrain primarily consists of sandy to mixed soil with occasional patches of clay. Visitors can also enjoy camping, fishing, and swimming, making Baja Acres a versatile destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Monster Mountain MX Park – Tallassee, AL

Spanning across 200 acres, this comprehensive facility boasts a national caliber Motocross track as its main attraction, which includes the famous “Stairway to Heaven” step-up triple jump. Additionally, Monster Mountain offers a Supercross track, a GP sand track, dedicated pit bike and mini bike tracks, and GNCC-style trails for a variety of riding experiences. The legendary Mark Barnett played a pivotal role in the establishment of Monster Mountain. 

Hidden Gem Tracks You Should Explore

Byron Motosports Park
Photo credit: Byron Motosports Park

Byron Motosports Park – Byron, Il

Motosports Park, one of the nation’s most long standing Motocross parks, allows you to ride on the very same terrain that numerous past and present professional riders have graced. The park gained recognition through its pioneering Nuclear Series, which was among the first to provide a manufacturer contingency program, making it a pivotal development in the Motocross world.

Underground MX – Kent, TX

Plan a visit and extend your stay at Underground MX, nestled in Kemp, TX, covering 70 acres of terrain. This facility offers 23 RV sites and a Motocross track accessible to riders of all skill levels. In addition to its open track, Underground MX also serves as the host venue for various racing events, including the South Central Area Qualifier for Loretta Lynn’s and the American Powersports championship race, making it a prime destination for motocross enthusiasts.

Grays Harbor Raceway – McCleary, WA

While not the literal residence of Ryan Villopoto, this location has strong ties to the multi-time Supercross and Motocross Champion. Villopoto played a significant role in elevating Grays Harbor’s presence, turning it into an annual fixture on the PacWest MX series. 

Motocross Track Rules and Gear 

No matter which motocross track you visit, there are several common rules and essential gear requirements you should be aware of:


You can’t simply arrive and start riding. Visit the track’s front desk or office to check in and pay your entry fee.

If the racer checking in is under 18 years old, they will typically need a signed release form from a parent or guardian.


Safety is of utmost importance on the track, so ensure that your gear includes the following items:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Boots
  • Body Armor
  • Motocross Jersey
  • Motocross Pants
  • Motocross Gloves

Wrap Up 

Whether you are a newbie planning to join motocross sports or an experienced one exploring more about it, this guide will help you in understanding more and better about this popular sports worldwide. Moreover, as you delve into the motocross world, you can also enhance your experience with custom motocross graphics offered by businesses like omxgraphics.com. These custom graphics allow riders to personalize their bikes, adding a unique touch to their motocross journey.

Let the thrilling experience begin!









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