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OMXGraphics was born in 2011.
Since then it’s been a hell of a ride. It all started with one guy having a burning passion for design and motorbikes.
As a rider myself, I was constantly investing in a proper maintenance of my two-wheeled ride and while it was in a mint technical condition, the way it looked was just… blah. You know, just another basic dirt bike covered in a thick cover of mud. That’s when my quest for finding the most durable and best-looking dirt bike graphics kit started. But everything I found was just disappointing. At that moment I thought – why not create a custom graphics kit for myself, the way I want it and choosing the material quality my ride truly deserves? The outcome was so surprisingly cool that I was absolutely sure – this kind of gem can’t be kept to myself exclusively.

I aimed to create different, unique and affordable graphics that would be available to everyone.
You know, to start a small revolution in a dirt bike graphics market. The goal was really simple – to make the best possible motocross graphics for all the riders out there.

I truly believed in my dream, and as you know, some dreams do come true.

It’s been almost 10 years since then and now we have 4 offices all over the world, the latest state-of-art printing and cutting equipment worth a small fortune, time and practice-proven working technique, brilliant staff, only the highest-quality materials and tens of thousands stoked customers happily sporting our unique mx graphics for years.

Of course, it didn’t happen in a blink of an eye – it took a lot of work and sleepless nights. Running a custom graphics company business is like spending time on a dirt track – there are ups and downs, sharp turns and crazy ski-high jumps.
Yeah, we’ve gone through all the harsh conditions and we’re still making the best custom graphics out there.

…and we still love what we do.

From us to you – follow your dreams, get on your dirt bike and ride it till you’re lost!


Founder at OMX Graphics

Thank you for riding with OMX Graphics

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Custom Dirt Bike Graphics by OMX Graphics Ltd.

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