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Will I receive design preview before you print it?

Yes! Your design proof will be designed and emailed to you in a shortest time possible. Usually it takes 3 – 7 business days. Shipping & production times may be increased during the peak periods throughout the year.
PLESE NOTE : Nothing will be printed without your approval if you opted for a design proof when placing order. For more detailed information please visit Production & Shipping.

How long time will it take my order to arrive?

FedEx Express takes 3-5 workdays, FedEx Standard takes 5-10 workdays.
Please note – selected shipping method does not affect designing & production times.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide using FedEx Standard / Express Delivery.

What is difference between ‘FULL KIT’ and ‘FRONT AND SIDE NUMBER PLATE GRAPHICS’?

Front and side number plates option includes graphics for Front and Side number plates only;

Can I change my order?

To change your order please contact us immediately after placing the order. If production has already started we will not be able to change it.

Can I add my own logos to design?

Yes! You can upload files when placing order or send them by e-mail. Please note that we can use only .ai, .eps or .pdf files.
There are few brand logos (RedBull, Monster Energy, GoPro) that can not be used due to their strict licensing laws.

Do you sell seat-covers?

Yes we do sell seat covers.

Are seat-covers included in graphics order?

No, seat covers are not included in graphics order and can be purchased separately.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, PayPal and most other payment methonds.

Is ordering through your website secure?

Data security is of enormous importance to us, and we take vital steps to safeguard our customer’s information. We use encryption technology to ensure secure transmission of any personal information you provide while using our site.
All transactions on our site are conducted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption provided by Braintree. You can easily see when you are sending data securely by checking the web address (URL) in your browser window: the first few letters will change from “http” to “https” when you are transmitting information protected by SSL encryption (the “s” in “https” stands for “secure”).

OMX Graphics has a sign of trust – green bar – Indicating a Safer Website. It indicates that the website is SSL certified and safe.

Do you offer fitting service?

We offer a fitting service upon request. Service includes new plastics, graphics and fitting. For plastics with installed graphics, extra shipping costs will be calculated. For more info please ask [email protected].

Do you have graphics for my dirt bike model? I don’t see it on model selection list.

There are a lot of dirt bike models out there and it may be we have not listed all of them yet.
Don’t give up on your graphics and just contact us (state year, make, model of your bike) and we will try to arrange graphics for you.

Can I order replacement or separate decal for a single part of my bike?

All custom graphics are kept on files for 2 years in case they are needed for reprinting. Contact us, if you need graphics for separate parts. Specify the part for which the decal is needed. We will respond with a pricing and picture with design for proofing.

Do you have dirt bike graphics in stock?

Because of the large variety of designs and customisation options we do not hold printed graphics in stock. Every graphics kit is made on demand.

Can I order a custom design, if i tell you what I want?

Sure, we do custom designs. Please see our Fully Custom Graphics page for more information.

Can I have different name and number style on my graphics kit?

Sure you can! Just let us know the name of the font and we will change it for you. All the customisations are free of charge.

How to install motocross graphics?
Before starting to install your brand new motocross graphics kit your dirt bike plastics need to be in a reasonable condition. Your dirt bike plastics should be warm before applying motocross graphics. We recommend you to keep plastics in a room with temperature more than 15°C / 60 ºF for several hours.
Wash your hands. It is very important to have clean hands while you are preparing surface and working with decals. Oily / dirty hands will reduce the ability of your dirt bike graphics to adhere.

Detailed step by step video can be found here. Take your time and be patient.

How long does mx graphics last?

OMX Graphics are made using only the highest quality materials produced by Substance Incorporated. The graphics are tested on daily basis by our supported riders all over the world. Be sure – you get best of the best. No mx graphics producers can predict the lifespan of graphics as it depends on your riding style and frequency. Moreover, as with any stickers it is extremely important to prepare the plastics properly before the graphics installation process. Take your time and patient. Installation video can be found here

Can my order be canceled?

Please find all the cancellation related information on Returns & Exchanges page.

How to prepare dirt bike plastics for new graphics?

First of all you need to remove old graphics. The best way to do it properly is to use heat gun to heat the old decals for easy removal. After that you will need alcohol containing degreasing agent (avoid greasy ones) and wipes to clean all the glue leftovers.
You can use 3M™ Adhesive Remover Citrus Base it works perfectly to dissolve and remove adhesive residue left behind tapes.

What vinyl is used to make dirt bike graphics?

To be honest – for the best result you have to use the best available materials out there.
Here at OMX Graphics we use only Substance media. Substance develops and manufactures high performing print media and over-laminates for critical graphic applications such as motocross, atv, go-karts, sleds, jet-skies and many more. All materials are developed alongside the World’s fastest racers and offers ultra-aggressive adhesion to low surface energy plastics. FLO Technology eliminates bubbles, and dramatically reduces installation times.

How do you get bubbles out of motocross graphics?

The best way to avoid bubbles under your graphics is to use media with FLO Technology that eliminates bubbles and dramatically reduces installation times. In simple words FLO Technology means microscopical air channels in adhesive layer of the graphics. All our custom graphics are made using bubble free technology.

In case you still find some bubbles under your freshly installed kit – no worries – it can be solved in few easy steps. For the best result you will need heat gun or hair dryer and needle or a razor blade.
1. Heat up the bubble (don’t burn or overheat it). While heating up the air inside the bubble it will expand – thats’s great.
2. When the vinyl is heated grab your needle or razor blade and make a tiny hole in the bubble so the air can rush out and vinyl can settle back down on plastic.
3. Use your fingers to push the remaining air out and press the vinyl down. Don’t use any sharp tools to do this as you might damage the graphics.

How thick are MX graphics?

Overall thickness of mx graphics should be 16mil – 21mil.
Please note – thickness means nothing if inappropriate material is used.
All custom decals here at OMXGraphics are made using Substance print media and over-laminates only. All materials are specifically developed for for critical graphic applications.

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