Two Tone Grip Mx Seat Cover


If you ask us, there are never too many matching accents for your bike. When you already have a custom graphics kit and rim stickers, there’s just few things left to take care of. One of them – two tone mx seat cover by OMX, another custom feature for your bike to make it even more good-looking.


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New motocross season calls for some fresh updates, right? Of course, updating a ride with a custom graphics kit is cool. In addition, it is even cooler when the decals come from OMX. But hey – everybody already does that. OMX Graphics makes not only the finest graphics on planet Earth, but also top quality mx seat covers. And yes, they can be customisable to match your dirt bike perfectly. Our seat covers will feature quite a few grip options: solid, two tone, rib grip, three rib, and full grip. That allows you to maintain the perfect riding position rather than slipping on the seat in wet or dry conditions.


Increased traction and control

Custom mx seat covers are not just about the looks. They increase the traction and control for riders, making the ride even more enjoyable. Made from a water-resistant non-slip material, they become an additional feature for your comfort. Our main goal here was to combine performance and style. Created by riders for riders, we can assure that these seat covers will totally please your fancy butt. Premium gripper material, minimal water penetration, maximum grip and thickness and fitted shape for an easy installation. And the best part about custom seat covers? You can choose a rib color, top color, and side color, accordingly to your bike’s design. After all, no one likes to ride a bike that hasn’t got matching colors, right?


The finest mx seat covers

As with everything motocross-related, one rule applies: buy cheap, buy twice. That is why it’s so important to choose your mx seat cover from a well-known manufacturer (yeah, you guessed it – like OMX). The design and durability of our motocross seat covers are reputedly excellent. Plus, the turnaround time is fast and painless, just like with our graphics. So what to do next, when your bike already sports the dopest dirt bike decals and rim stickers? That’s right, selecting a matching seat cover to create a drop-dead-awesome visual appearance. Then pour a glass of a fine whiskey, step back and enjoy the mind-blowing look of your updated dirt bike.


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