‘Drop’ Series Mx Rim Decals


Extremely thick and durable mx rim stickers made for hardcore riding.
Rim sticker kit contains 16 decals – 8 for the front wheel and 8 for the rear wheel (4 stickers per side).


In Inches please
In Inches please

Type 'as shown' if you like the original design. We do not print neon colours.
If you like the ones displayed type 'as shown'. Few industry logos like Red Bull, Monster Energy and GoPro are not permitted.

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Made for hardcore riding

Stop wasting time by hunting MX rim stickers on random websites. We believe that receiving a low-quality surprise is not what you’re aiming for, right? Of course, web is exploding with various decal options and it’s up to you to choose the one that’s made to last. Just remember the old saying that buying cheap means buying twice! That is never the case with OMX. Just like our graphic kits, all the rim stickers are printed on 21MIL thick substance material. What does that mean for you?

Our wheel rim stickers are made for hardcore riding – they are waterproof, extremely thick and durable. And here comes probably the most important benefit – they cover and protect the rims with an ultra resistant material. The rim sticker kit contains 8 decals for the front wheel (4 per side) and 8 for the rear wheel, which makes it surprisingly easy to cover both sides of the tire.


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