A Material Breakdown of Dirt Bike Graphics

If we cut down to basics, there is just one thing that matters the most when it comes to dirt bike graphics. You guessed it – all the magic lies in the material we use. To make the life much easier for you, here at OMX Graphics we simply chose the finest material out there. Therefore, we leave no second thoughts about the quality or durability of our decals. In other words, you can call it our commitment to excellence. To find out more about our fine materials, read on.

Ultracurve X1: Elevated Durability

Our dirt bike graphics are printed on Substance Media Ultracurve X1 which is the industry’s leading print media. This material is used by multiple factory teams and is considered to be the number one choice. Ultracurve X1 is made strong enough to withstand the toughness of all sorts of off-road adventures. That means your graphics will survive almost anything, starting from dirt, scratches, harsh climate conditions, and so on. Thanks to its unparalleled adaptability, you can be sure that the decals will wrap around your motorcycle like a glove. Therefore, it will not only look outstanding but also perform on tough riding conditions. This material also has a FLO technology for a bubble free installation and ultra-aggressive  adhesion to low surface energy plastics. In other words, dirt bike graphics that are printed on Ultracurve X1 are made to last. 

Ultracurve X1 Chrome: Reflecting Style and Substance

The Ultracurve X1 Chrome is the ultimate combination of a fierce style and unbeatable durability. We introduced this material just recently but it has already grown its crowd of die-hard fans. The chrome finish guarantees a sleek and reflective surface that makes all the colors stand out. If you’re after that extra oomph of hot-as-hell dirt bike graphics, look no further. And there is more – this material is available in silver and holographic finishes, therefore get ready to play around. Of course, just like the standard Ultracurve X1, this material also has the unique FLO bubble-free technology. That means you will be halfway of your beer can before the graphics will be already applied.


Overlaminate Ultracurve 1500: Protecting Against the Elements

When using the best print media out there, it seems just logical to choose the industry-leading overlaminate as well. It is co-developed with Star Racing Yamaha and Monster Energy Kawasaki, therefore will be the finest choice for all the racers out there. This overlaminate acts like a shield protecting the plastics from being scratched and against  the exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. UV extenders protect against premature fading. The increased thickness creates a defensive protection for your dirt bike graphics against harsh off road conditions. Plus, nothing competes with the gloss, clarity and appearance of Ultracurve 1500.

Overlaminate Galactic Series: Unleashing Cosmic Creativity

Add some extra shine to your mx graphics with a Galactic over-laminate. This overlaminate provides a space-like theme for riders seeking an other worldly feel. This is not just protection; this over-laminate turns your dirt bike into artistry that involves a unique metal-flake finish. The galactic series overlaminate will improve the look without sacrificing performance. It has an extremely high metal flake concentration and adds a new dimension to print media application.

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