Enduro bike vs Trail bike: What’s the difference?

Two wheels, a killer engine, dope looks and the iconic #braap that makes your blood run faster. It might seem like there is nothing different that sets apart an Enduro bike from a trail dirt bike. If you find it confusing to spot the differences, read on further to reveal the pros and cons.

The purpose

The main difference of both similarly-looking dirt bikes is the purpose. While an Enduro bike is designed for racing, a trail bike works best for riding through rocky terrains. Enduro dirt bike is more powerful and has a larger gas tank. An Enduro rider has to ride with something held in reserve for the unexpected. After all, you never know what comes around the next corner. It is heavier (therefore, less maneuvrable than a trail bike) because of a larger fuel tank and other features. Enduro bikes more often come in 450cc as it needs more power and kick to successfully experience the extreme racing. Trail bike is more compact as it has to be tougher and more durable to climb a large hill.

The power

The average cc range is 250cc. Even though the cc might add some speed to trail bikes, they cannot compare to the mighty Enduro. As we already said, they are specifically designed for racing. Trail rides are not supposed to go fast but to show more power for climbing ridges. 

Acceleration also sets them apart. Enduro bike accelerates super quickly and that might come as an unpleasant surprise for a less-experienced rider. For a beginner that does not feel confident using the clutch, a trail bike will be a safer option. 

The control

Of course, both of the rides have an outstanding brakes system. A trail bike will be much more successful at braking immediately when needed. Tough rides with a lot of stops and starts will wear on the brake pads faster. But overall, brakes work amazingly well for both of the bikes. Another thing you might wonder about is the safety. Enduro and trail bikes have a great stability and a solid level of safety. Just keep in mind that trail bikes do not come with a dash with gauges for when to check the bike! That has to be done manually before and after each ride. 

The customisation

As you already know, all dirt bikes are customisable and it depends on the goal you want to achieve. All the tiny but important things, such as bolts, valve clamps, larger gas tanks and much more can be customised. Possibly the most fun update to get is having a custom dirt bike graphics. That makes your dirt bike stand out from the crowd. Here at OMX, we update our design selection on a weekly base. That’s why we are sure that everyone finds something well suited for their style and personality. After all, it doesn’t matter if you choose an Enduro or a trail bike, as the main goal is to have fun with it. And what’s better than boosting your trail monster the coolest motocross graphics kit?

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