Buying a used dirt bike can be a hit or miss – you will either lose or save the money big time. While all of the dirt bike riders dream of sealing the perfect deal, many of them end up with a huge disappointment as the ride turns out to be in a quite sad condition. How to find the hidden gem among many used dirt bikes and not waste your money on a pile of crap? Read on!

Buying a second-hand dirt bike is the easiest way to start rocking the trails and terrains without breaking the bank. It allows you to save a significant amount of money that can be spent on other technical and visual updates, like a high-quality mx graphics. But the tricky part is that when buying used, you rarely know what you’re actually getting. That’s why it is super important to pay attention even to tiniest red flags that can be a sign that something’s wrong. 

Where to buy

Some of the most popular places where to seek for your next ride is Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay Motors and CycleTrader. Of course, when buying online, be aware of scams as they still do happen a lot. Before checking out the ride in real life, always compare the price by using Kelley Blue Book. This useful tool of comparing used dirt bike prices allows you to ask for a discount if the seller’s price is significantly higher. Always start by asking for the VIN number. If there is none, that might be a sign that the bike has been stolen. And you really don’t want the problems afterward that come with buying stolen goods.

Take a look around

This sounds obvious, but pay attention not only to the condition of the bike but also the surroundings. Is the garage clean and well-maintained? Is the seller’s car or other vehicles in a good shape? That gives you an idea of how the bike has been maintained till your arrival.

Inspect the bike

Continue by inspecting the visual appearance of the bike. Check to he obvious things, like broken plastics, worn tires, broken clutch and wired seat. A worn chain and hooked sprockets are a sure-tell sign that the motor has been neglected. 

Check out the frame very carefully – are there any bends, welds or cracks? That might signal that the bike has been crashed. If you see any cracks, our recommendation would be to move on and forget about this particular ride.

How worn are the discs (brakes)? If you notice some major grooves where the pads touch, that is a sign of a well-ridden bike. Try to see if there are any oil spills at the engine’s bottom and around the front fork seals, leaky forks and a soft rear suspension. 

Always ask the owner if you can take a look at the air filter. Pull it and see if there is no sand or dirt in the air boot. If any sand particles have gotten to the engine, that might tell that you’ll have to invest a major amount of money in expensive technical repairs. 

Examine the engine/transmission oil as well. The oil level should be at least at the minimum. Radiator should be nice and without any bends or smashes, topped up and not leaking. 

Take It For a Ride

 Always ask for a test ride before buying. See if the muffler is warm before taking it for a lap. That might be a sign that the seller ignited the bike shortly before your arrival to hide any choking or other mechanical problems. Make sure the bike shifts through all the gears with no grinding.

Boost It Up

So if you found a gem and saved loads of money – congratulations! The only thing left to do is to update your ride with your own personality by choosing custom dirt bike graphics. Here at OMX  Graphics we have plenty of designs available that will help you to give a brand new look to your awesome dirt bike.

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