Introducing MX rim stickers – the final accent of your perfect dirt bike

When it comes to outstanding dirt bike design, we here at OMX know the drill. So it was just a matter of time to introduce our latest arrival – MX rim stickers. Are you ready to turn your dirt bike into a drop-dead perfection?

We already know that many of our customers demand only the finest. Nothing less than perfect gets accepted, and that is the case with OMX as well. Even though we already are among the strongest leaders of dirt bike graphics market, our growth never stops. Therefore, we introduce our latest drop – MX rim stickers that will give that final accent of your track monster. 

When you have already updated your ride with the best dirt bike graphics, there’s just one thing you can do to reach an absolute perfection. Rim stickers give that final boost to your visual appearance, giving the sleek impression of a high-quality coloured rims. The best part is that you can achieve this update in a matter of minutes, as applying these decals is a fool-proof way of a fast and eye-catching update.

Like everything we create, the MX rim stickers get printed on exceptional 21MIL thick material that is made to last. You already know how rough the ride can get, especially when you’re throttling through a wild terrain, or racing for the winner’s title. And let’s not forget about all the daily training routines, when you’re devoting the maximum of yourself and the bike. All of this combined becomes quite a challenge for your dirt bike decals. Our more than 10 years experience allows to come up with absolutely the best solution that won’t let you down – and that is what we developed in rim stickers as well.

When quality becomes something you can always rely on, the design makes your ride even more unique. More than 10 design options in countless color combinations makes the personalisation part careless and fun. We can guarantee that you will find the perfect match for your dirt bike. If not – hit us up and we’ll be happy to customise it for you. 

Explore our wide and awesome range of MX rim stickers and create the best version of your dirt bike!

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