Hitting the track on a daily base means that after a while your MX ride will turn into a true mud monster, and even the coolest dirt bike graphics underneath won’t help the looks as you won’t be able to see them. Read our tips how to clean your dirt bike plastics to make them last and look awesome for years to come. 

General Washing 
Regular cleaning is a technical maintenance and an absolute necessity to be sure that your motocross bike lasts for years and look awesome. First of all, get yourself a pressure cleaner as it won’t be fun at all without it. Using a hose and spray nozzle will make the job much longer and less efficient. Second, you’ll have to decide if the seat has to go as the foam in it might break down after a tough water therapy. Before getting your dirt bike all wet, clean the end can and gaffer up the pipe. After this crucial step, drench up the bike. When it’s all soaked in water, let it rest for 10 minutes. Meanwhile go check out all the cool custom dirt bike graphic kits here on OMX website. 

When the water is well soaked-in, take a bike brush and start scrubbing. This will work off all the stubborn pieces of dirt off your dirt bike. After that, take a sponge or a trustworthy cleaning agent (a nice DIY solution is a mixture of water and dish soap). Lather your ride up and leave it for few minutes again. Be careful to not get the soap on the sensitive parts of your bike. Then use a hose to rinse off all the dirty leftovers. Always allow your motorbike to dry up.

Extra Tips For Cleaning Dirt Bike Plastics

  • If there are some sturdy pieces not coming off the plastics, like black stains on side plates from the boots rubbing on it, use a contact cleaner to get them off. Use white paper towels or microfibre rag to swipe it off. Wash the plastics afterwards with dish soap top stop them from fading. 
  • Don’t use a hard mud scraper as it will damage the plastics. You can always knock off any excess dirt with a rubber mallet. 
  • Some guys suggest using magic erasers – they do their job but they also loose the natural shine of the plastic. If you love your bike plastics, we do not recommend it. 
  • Are there some glue leftovers on the plastics from the previous decals? You can easily remove them using 3M Citrus Cleaner.
  • It’s also important to choose biodegradable detergents to prevent contamination. Looking after the environment is cool.

Take Care of Your Dirt Bike Plastics

There is no need to search for a new revolution as the best way how to take care of your plastics is already well known – and it’s updating your ride with a custom dirt bike graphics kit. And there are many reasons to do that – first of all, your ride is going to look smashing. A true showstopper always requires a personalised dirt bike design touch, and having a custom-made graphics kit is the easiest way how to do that. And second, the graphics sold at OMX are made with a 21MIL thick material which means a serious durability. Your bike plastics will look awesome many, many years ahead.

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