Suzuki dirt bikes: How it all started

Here at OMX Graphics, we cheer for every dirt bike rider, although there is something quite special about the ones who ride a Suzuki: the dedication to their bike. During the years, Suzuki has earned world titles and become one of the top choices for motocross fans, although the story behind the brand did not started with motorbikes at all. Read on to uncover their background!

When it comes to dirt bikes, Suzuki is truly exceptional, and some people even refuse to ride other type of motorcycles. You might be surprised to hear that Suzuki started in 1909 with weaving looms. Yep, the founder Michio Suzuki had an aspiration to build better, more ergonomic looms for the Japan’s massive silk industry. Only in 1952 Suzuki crafted their first motorised bicycle, the “Power Free” which was easy to maintain.

Ten years later, in 1962 Suzuki became champions of the world, as East German rider Ernst Degner won the 50cc race. In the next six years, they got five more 50cc titles. Impressive, right?

When the brand introduced their RM ‘Racing Model’ series in 1975, almost overnight the motocross field turned Suzuki-yellow. This bumblebee was a real stunner, and it was the first of the lay-down twin shock versions which began the long travel suspension revolution.

Since then, they have earned the reputation with excellent handling capabilities which helped to win many MX races. Suzuki is known as being economical and easy to maintain, and those things mean a lot when you’re out there every day, riding hard from dusk till dawn. Also they are very beginner-friendly, as many MX riders have started their career with a Suzuki ride.

What else? Another thing that sets apart Suzuki from the rest is their looks. The yellow beast looks truly great, and that is a thing every Suzuki owner can be proud of. Adding custom Suzuki MX graphics from OMX Graphics enhances their style even more.

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