Enduro VS. Trail: How to choose your vice?

If you’re debating on whether to get enduro or trail dirt bike, we are here to help. We call this the great dilemma of most motocross riders. Here at OMX, we have spent many hours braining on this topic, therefore we feel pretty eligible to explain the advantages to you as well. There is a clear difference between both of these rides so we are going to explain the main pros and cons. 

The main difference lies in the usability of each ride. Enduros are designed for racing and speed, they feature more power and better suspension. Meanwhile, trail bikes are meant for the adventure seekers who get high by riding difficult trails and rocky terrains. Still not sure which one is your match made in heaven? Read on for an explanation.

1. Weight and Size of a Dirt Bike

The first difference you might notice lies in the weight. Keep in mind that enduro bikes have a larger fuel tank so that adds up some kilos. That and a few other technical features make this motorcycle heavier and less manoeuvrable. Enduros are also larger in size so they are harder to be transported. However, this difference plays in behalf of trail bikes. They are lighter, therefore more corresponding to rider’s body moves and steering. Trail bikes are also smaller which makes it easier to take them from one point to another.

2. Speed and Power

If you’re after a quick adrenaline rush, the right choice becomes crystal clear and you can skip reading this article. Enduro motorbikes are created for racing and they hold much greater power and speed. As they feature higher cc, they have a quicker acceleration that might come as a bad surprise for inexperienced or younger riders. They are fast and notorious, so if that matches your expectations, enduro is probably the way to go. Sure, trail dirt bikes may range in cc and horsepower but the purpose of them is to climb hills and ridges. When you put these motorbikes on a race line next to each other, they have no chance against enduro.

Trail dirt bikes generally have around 250cc so they have less speed and torque. This becomes interesting if you’re planning to get all your family on wheels. Family adventurers will highly appreciate trail dirt bikes as they are easier to ride and they simply seem less dangerous due to lower speed and torque. If you’re a beginner or want to have a leisurely ride in hills and wild terrains, this will be the right path for you.

3. Brakes, Suspension and Safety

Both bikes have a great braking system that is safe and reliable. When going fast on an enduro motorbike, you might face situations that require an immediate reaction to slow down. That becomes especially important if you have a street legal. The same goes for trail riding. Getting over the hill requires a heavy accelerating at first that must be slowed down immediately. Just check the brakes after every tough ride and you’ll be safe in most of the situations.

However, when it comes to suspension, the difference is clear. Each race on enduro can take miles and hours, therefore the suspension system is way more comfier than the one on trail bikes. The trail riding requires more relaxed system to overtake rocks, hills and other obstacles. 

Even though enduro bikes are faster and more powerful, they are by no means more dangerous if you know how to control it. Plus, they come with a dash that reads the gauges and shows many technical errors right away. That means both of these rides are safe if checked regularly, ridden responsibly and with full protective gear.

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