7 Common Beginner Dirt Bike Mistakes to Avoid

How hard could it be to ride a dirt bike? Just buy the machine, get on and throttle the damn out of it. Sure, it might be easy as that… after a while. Even the most inspiring pro riders have at least one #fail story under their belt. If you’re just getting started, these first rides will be crucial to understand if MX is a lifestyle you’re ready to commit to. Read seven beginner mistakes and learn to avoid them for the smoothest experience possible.

1. Don’t forget about safety

The first rule of every ride – don’t forget about your safety gear. Some dudes think they’ll look cooler riding without helmet but honestly, there’s nothing cool about smashed brains all over the track. Sure, we’re exaggerating ourselves here but riding without helmet can lead to serious head injuries that can be life-threatening. The same goes for riding in t-shirt and jeans. There’s nothing “James Dean” about it, as riding without boots, knee guards and gloves as a minimum can lead to a catastrophe. 

2. Always look up

This is more than just a motivational quote when you’re riding a dirt bike. One of the awfully popular beginner mistakes is looking down to see if you’re shifting properly or checking the speed. Always look up into the direction you’re heading to. Your eyes will lead the body to move in the right way. Plus, when riding a dirt bike it is very crucial to read the terrain to choose the right speed and riding position. 

3. Understand balance

Riding a motorcycle is a bit more complicated than riding a bicycle. In the beginning, at least. Your own weight affects the riding directly, and learning to balance the bike is a step-by-step process. Always take off slowly and always be ready to stop. It’s important to have your balance more towards the front of the seat. 

4. Choose the right position

Depending on the terrain or track you’re riding, it will be crucial to change the body position very often. The rule of thumb – the more you stand the better. However, there are situations where it’s okay to sit, like when you’re riding faster or waddling around trees. The right standing position? The balls of your feet should be on footpegs when standing with your knees slightly bent. 

5. Learn the controls

The secret of every enjoyable ride lies in smoothness. To ride smoothly, one has to learn the perfect timing of using the clutch and throttle. Twisting and releasing at the wrong time can lead to a fast start and result in a crash. This can only be corrected with time and a lot of practice. 

6. Choose the right size

Sure, we all want to start with a 300cc enduro monster right away. Getting the biggest and fastest might not be the right choice at the beginning. It will take a lot longer to learn controlling a real track beast so we recommend starting on a slower, more predictable and slightly smaller dirt bike. 

7.  Riding without dirt bike graphics

Who would want to ride a boring factory bike when the style police arrives? Ok, jokes aside but customising a dirt bike is not just safer for the plastics but also makes riding more fun and personal to yourself. Choose high quality dirt bike graphics from OMX to make sure it lasts for years and always stands out from the crowd.

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