Dream of exotic vacays? Check our TROPICAL VIBES graphics

Alright, we’ll be honest – winter can be quite nice sometimes. You know, all the romantic and cheesy BS – snowflakes falling outside the window, you’re sitting by the fireplace with a glass of bourbon in your hand… and all you can think of is counting the days till March and hoping to hear those first sounds of spring. No, we’re not talking about bird chirping but the heartwarming #BRAAP that soothes the soul and suddenly makes the world a better place. We feel that, too. Even more, everything OMX’s office has been buzzing about these last days is escaping to tropical destinations, laying under a palm tree and sipping something cold and alcoholic straight from a carved coconut. That would happen right after a nice session of shredding the tropical dirt, of course. However, our office has been busier than ever these days so no vacations anytime soon for us though. 

So even having your dream job has its downfalls – you actually have to work. Therefore, to soothe the cravings we came up with the perfect antidote: TROPICAL VIBES graphics series. Drawing the perfect palm design became a real challenge for our team as everyone wanted to get their hands on this sweet project. You see, every one of our graphic kits are great but some of them are more special to us. That could definitely be said about this Tropical Vibes collection. It even went so far that we had to raffle the winner that gets the chance to work on this collection instead of many other designs OMX is processing now. To make this even more desirable, the grand prize came along with two perfectly cooled Budweisers as a bonus. Long story short, here we are – presenting to you the dopest tropical dirt bike graphics ever seen.

Bali-Inspired Collection

Dirt bike graphics with a touch of Bali – that’s how the designer presented this kit to the team. And it totally made sense. It’s way more than just a story about getting wasted under a palm tree. Bali is a total hotspot when it comes to dirt bikes and the trails out there… oh man, everyone should experience that. Bali has a solid MX riders community that are super supportive and cool. Everyone from beginner to pro is warmly welcomed there and presented with the dopest trails and mind-blowing sceneries one could imagine. Also, Bali Dirt Bike Park is a must when visiting this tropical paradise as it truly offers more fun for your buck. 

Uncompromising Quality

One thing is clear – riding with these tropical dirt bike graphics will give you the most easygoing and chilled vibes. As usual, these MX decals are produced on 21MIL thick Substance material that provides an uncompromising durability. We dispatch everything with tracked FedEx delivery so you’ll get this sweet graphics kit even before you’ll hear the first #braap in your town. We have said this before and will state again. Life is too short to ride with a boring dirt bike graphics kit. This one will surely make your riding way more fun. 

Oh, and by the way you can grab a matching mx jersey as well!

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