Riding Dirt Bike in Winter: All You Need To Know

Most of MX riders will agree that there’s no such thing as weather too cold to ride. We tend to think the same way, as riding in winter can prolong the season as much as possible. However, you must know the limits and temperatures when a fun ride can turn into a very bad idea. 

Dirt bikes are sturdy machines that are made to last for years. They are able to withstand even the roughest riding conditions which is also a reason why we are selling dirt bike graphics here – to protect the plastics wherever and whenever you ride. 

The bad part of keeping up with the winter is that you’ll have to leave some dollars for the gear. The good part – you can keep riding practically all year long, with just a few exceptions. Read on to learn some tips and tricks how to ride in winter better.

When it comes to riding dirt bikes in winter, there’s one main rule and that’s proper preparation. To ride warmly and comfortably, you’ll have to layer up and also do some modifications to your dirt bike. But taking the risks mostly pays off as you’re building the skills in an unexceptional conditions and all the trails are practically quiet. While most of the dirt bike riders are staying home, enjoying a few cold ones along with pointless dirt bike reels on Instagram, you can be out there actually performing and becoming a better rider.  

How Cold Is Too Cold?

Unless it’s below freezing outside, the most dirt bike engines should perform well. The reason why one should skip a ride is mostly rider’s intolerance to cold. However, if the temperature drops below -10 to -20F and more, it is unsafe to ride as the ride holds an extremely high risk of hypothermia. If it gets even colder than that, the antifreeze will freeze and the bike will become inoperable. In conclusion, your bike can withstand much lower temperatures than you can so the priority is taking care of your own wellbeing.


One thing is absolutely clear though. If you don’t have a suitable equipment you better stay at home and cook your wife an appropriate dinner instead (before the season starts and you’re gone for good again). The gear you sported all summer long won’t be suitable for riding dirt bike in winter and rougher conditions. Therefore, start with boots. They should keep your feet from cold or water as much as possible. Bonus points if they reach up to the knee protecting those from the cold as well. The same goes for gloves. Wearing warm gloves is a complete must (remember what your granny said – she was totally true all the way). They should protect and warm your hands as well so choose quality materials like wool, leather or thicker cloth. If we continue with grandma’s recommendations, the next step is keeping your head and neck warm. Sure, there are many helmets designed for riding in winter – they have a more chunky, lined and snug fit. Also you don’t have to buy a new helmet right away, just make sure to wear a warm balaclava underneath it. Warm socks, waterproof and insulated jacket and pants also make a huge difference to a comfortable riding.

How To Prepare Your Bike

To avoid your fingers going numb due to the cold, make sure to install a set of grip heaters. For a better traction you can buy a set of studded tires made for shredding the snow. To save some bucks, you can also prepare the tyres yourself by putting screws in the wheels. Oh, and here’s an insider tip: warm up the tyres before riding to achieve a better grip. During winter, it is even more important than ever to change the oil regularly. If not done right away, it can block the entry of water into your dirt bike. Don’t forget to fill up your fuel tank, antifreeze and charge the battery. Overall, these are the basic tips to get you ready for shredding the snow. But the main rule still applies – take the best care of yourself to feel good all along the ride and avoid the frostbite.

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