The ultimate search for perfect sled wraps ends here. Your design dreams are about to come true as OMX is launching a brand new project – SNOWMOBILE GRAPHICS.

If there is a way of starting 2022 with a blast, then here at OMX we’re pros at it. While some strive to create the dopest MX designs and conquer the first search positions on Google, we have all that done for years now. Sure, keeping up with the trends and not letting anyone near our positions will always be on our focus. However, this time we’re kicking off the new year with something truly HUGE.Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we are launching our newest product – SLED WRAPS. Paraphrasing the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, this is a small step for us and one giant leap for industry. If you own a snowmobile and had hard times finding a graphics kit that looks truly dope, we completely understand you. We took just a look around to understand that the market overview is poor. Right now what dominates out there is bland and mass-produced designs with unadventurous spirit. Seems like most of the designs out there consist of poorly selected vector graphics, all thrown together without any concept or style. Sounds kinda sad, right? That is, until now. 

Sled Wraps, Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Completely rad, aggressive, awesomely unique, and always sophisticated – just the way you like it. When done by OMX, your snowmobile with brand new wraps is about to reach the next coolness level. If you’re still wondering if you should pimp your ride, hear us out – there are a few reasons of updating your sleds. First of all, sporting a factory sled with no rad updates is just plain boring. And who wants that when you can enjoy the most of it instead? This way, you can show off your personality and steal all the looks when passing by. Just imagine the vivid sleds shredding through fresh powder, with contrasting colors and awesome prints popping in the bright snow. And the selection of designs and hues is simply limitless. Just browse through the collections of OMX’s sled wraps and choose your vice!

Our Signature Quality

Second reason to update your snowmobile is protecting the plastics. Sudden trees, unpredictable snow and ice conditions, hidden branches and so on… In other words, your snowmobile has to go through a lot. That’s why sled wraps is not just a dope visual update but they also protect your plastics while you’re having fun. The snowmobile graphics helps you to skip the scuffs and scratches, making your ride look like brand new again. When shopping at OMX website, you can be sure of one thing – you are choosing the best. All the graphics are printed on 21MIL thick Substance material that is made to last. Therefore, the only reason to swap the graphics would be just choosing a new identity of your sled. And when there is such a wide selection, no wonder you’ll be thinking of it quite often.

Sled Wraps By OMX

From now on, the sled wrap game will never be the same again. With the new snowmobile selection, OMX becomes the ultimate sled graphics industry leader. Another great advantage of our customers is seeing the decals kit in real life. We are proudly pointing out that we are the only ones in market showing our snowmobile graphics on 3D renders. Now you will be able to see how the updated sled pops in snow or urban environment even before ordering. So go ahead, check out all the collections of dope sled wraps and give your ride the look it deserves!

How to instal graphics video

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