Dopest snowmobile destinations for your bucket list

If you’re a real snowmobile aficionado, that means just one thing – you are one of the rare creatures who actually enjoys winter and everything that comes along. While mostly every human being prays for the cold months to end (to hop on a dirt bike and shred the first mud of spring), you’re actually out there having heaps of fun. Suddenly you feel like a child again as the very first snowflakes bring loads of excitement and every day spent on a snowmobile feels like Christmas.And we truly cannot blame you, we get the hype. Beautiful scenery, peaceful nature covered by heavy snowdrifts and crystal-white snow, reflecting the insanely dope sled wrap on your ride… That creates a real addiction. That’s why, when regular people are considering white sand beaches covered with lush palm trees as their ultimate destination, you’re going the opposite way (hey, at least it’s less crowded there). If you’re chasing the winter, we have the perfect list of butt-freezing but hella beautiful snowmobile destinations. 

Hokkaido, Japan

Didn’t think of this one, right? Japan never get’s associated with heavy winters, as the main cities rarely get even a snowflake. However, as the country is insanely huge, the landscape and weather there is incredibly diverse. From the tropical heat in southern Japan to subarctic northern Japan – this is a country worth exploring. Of course, skiing and snowboarding are the main winter activities here (basically as everywhere else). Nonetheless, you can find some great snowmobiling tours that offer anything from trail riding to alpine sledding. Hokkaido features the longest snowmobiling course in Japan, and the resort is truly worth a visit.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Americans are lucky enough to have many destinations where snowmobiling is possible all year long. We cannot name them all but we’ll stick with West Yellowstone as our personal favourite this time. The terrain there is absolutely exquisite and very diverse which always turns the riding into a real adventure. We recommend taking a guided tour if you’re new to the area and want to see some beautiful natural features like Old Faithful Geyser Basin.

Quebec, Canada

Some enthusiasts might argue which country is the paradise of snowmobiling but Canada is definitely among the top options. This country offers simply outstanding trail conditions. All the infrastructure is adjusted to serve everyone who comes here for some winter fun. Exquisite spa resorts (your wife will be happy while you’re shredding snow), top-notch riding safety, not to mention the scenery. This truly is a once in a lifetime destination if you’re a true snowmobiling fan.

Highlands of Northern Iceland

If you want to explore the unbrushed wilderness of Iceland, this is a two-in-one deal. There are some places on this island where you can go snowmobiling all year long. The landscape is completely mind-blowing and reminds of a J. R. Tolkien book. If Lord of The Rings is your jam, visiting Iceland is a must. Plus, if you can add some cool and adrenaline-pumping activities, what’s not to like? Win-win situation.

Finnish Lapland

If you want to say hi to the one and only real Santa Claus, Lapland is your ultimate destination. The trails there are absolutely beautiful as they run through hilly forests. The snowmobile culture there is extremely well developed, plus you get to enjoy the slow-paced and laid-back life of Finnish people. Cozy pubs and restaurants, cool snowmobile tours, reindeer farms and Santa Claus village – that sounds like the ultimate vacation. Not to mention, Lapland is a place where you can actually spot possibly the most beautiful miracle of nature – northern lights. When can we start packing our bags?

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