ABC Of Building Your Own Dirt Bike Track

If you dream of a large scale MX track, we suggest leaving it to professionals. However, a smaller backyard type of track with a few jumps and turns can be done by yourself. All that’s required is some planning and yes, a hard work. Just keep in mind these tips and soon enough you’ll become the coolest guy in town with your own bike track.  

To some family members, using the land for a track might seem like a selfish move. On the other hand, we live only once, right? Plus, when you can get the most out of a land that isn’t used anyway, why even bother? Once you have some jumps right next to the garage, building a significant progress is a natural progression.

Noise Restriction

Location here plays the biggest role. You might have a spacious land at your service but if there are neighbours close by, what’s the use of it? If the noise happens to bother civilians (and we know that happens A LOT), they can report you to local authorities. Soon enough you’ll realise that they are more than just party poopers as your track can be shut down for good. Therefore, even before you start dreaming of those sexy jumps and whoops, evaluate the noise restrictions of your area and other houses around the land. 


Another boring bureaucracy thing, we know. But unless you get through the papers and handle the insurance, having a track can turn out to be a very bad experience. As you already know, riding with friends is always more fun. However, sh*t (read: accidents) happens and it’s always better to have an insurance that covers your liabilities. Talk to your lawyer to find out if you need any permits and what happens if someone gets hurt on your track.


Who wouldn’t want to hit a random dirt bike track that’s near the house, right? The track can be harder to monitor if it is located further from your home. If you don’t secure the area, you risk having some unwanted guests over. One thing is a possible damage to the track area as some riders don’t pay the attention to leaving the space as it was before. But what’s even more important is the risk of injuries. You might think that it is their own fault for using the track without permission and eating the dirt afterwards. However, they have all the rights to claim that the track conditions were to blame the fall. Therefore, just secure the area as good as you can. First of all, place some private property signs in different spots. Surveillance cameras will help as well, even if they’re fake.


Drainage can become a real deal breaker if not taken care of. Water always seeks the lowest point  and can cause an erosion in the process. You don’t want it to drain away with your expensive dirt, right? That will ruin the track every time it rains. It might be needed to add sections of drainage pipes in some areas and the best solution would be to use corrugated plastic pipes. Make sure to cover the pipes with a large amount of dirt as they won’t hold the impact of a dirt bike landing on it.

The Design

So is your chunk of land really appropriate for having your own dirt bike track? Minimal length of the track should be about 400 feet, but of course – the bigger the better. To keep the expenses down, try to use the natural terrain your land offers. Start with just a few jumps and don’t make the ramps too steep. It always helps to put the design on a paper beforehand which can solve many of your dilemmas. 

More Dirt

If your track requires more dirt for jumps and whoops, don’t forget to put these costs down as well. Clay soil holds the shape better than sandy soil. On other hand, sandy soil drains way better. The most expensive option tends to be loamy soil which is also the best choice for a dirt bike track. Always go for a screened dirt – yes, it is more expensive, but comes without pieces of concrete blocks, wood or metal. 

Rent the Technique

Consider renting a mini excavator for a few days. That will fast-forward your project significantly. It is always better to rent the machine along with a professional who knows how to get the result without messing up all the area. When that’s booked, don’t forget to buy some six packs and ask your pals for help. After all, they will be the ones having heaps of fun on this dirt bike track. And last but not the least, pray the mother nature to keep the rain clouds in control. Otherwise, that will ruin the digging party even before it begins.

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