What’s fun about staying in your safe zone and not stepping out? Adrenaline rush is one of the main reasons why people turn to dirt bike riding on the first hand. We know, we know – MX is undoubtedly dangerous and everybody already knows the risks. Roaring engines, shredding dirt, unpredictable turns and dangerous track conditions is what makes those great riding stories and memories. We believe everyone who rides a dirt bike already considers all the possible accidents that might happen. But hey – repeating that once more never hurts. Therefore, read our quick tips to keep in mind when hitting the track.

How Do We Even Stay Alive?

A cool article by Wired interviewed three MX pros to find out how do dirt bike riders even stay alive when they seem to be crashing every five minutes. Ricky Johnson said that beginners are the ones who fall the most. On the other hand, professionals learn to conserve themselves. They know exactly how to fall and when to get off the bike. Some novices make the mistake of getting off the bike when the tires and suspension would handle the shock of jumping too far. That is a great advice as sometimes fear becomes the biggest thing that stands against us.

Get The Right Gear

This seems obvious, right? However, many riders do the mistake of choosing a wrong helmet that is either too old or already damaged. See how the helmet fits, too. It should feel snug and secure. Make sure it has a DOT label on it which indicates that it has passed the U.S. Department of Transportation standards. Not to mention, change the helmet after every five years as all the dents and cracks affect the safety. That means paying attention to all the gear, too. Choose close-toed shoes, gloves, knee, chest and shoulder pads as a bare minimum. Let’s not forget the bike itself. You have to choose the bike with a right size – not just physical but engine size too.

Stay Off The Roads

If you don’t have a street legal bike, what are you even looking for on a public road? We understand the situations where you have to cross the road to the other side of a trail. But traveling on a bike in traffic without horn, lightning and other street legal stuff, is simply plain stupid.

Take A Safety Class

By now you might think that we are the most boring guys out there. Safety course, say what?! However, if you’re a novice it is better to know the risks and action that is needed in dangerous situations. Even if you’re an expert rider with some serious miles under your belt, you can always learn something from the safety instructors. After all, you can always hide the scratches on your ride with some dope dirt bike graphics but it is way harder to treat any injury that happens to you. Better be safe than sorry!

Never Drink And Ride

As much as we love cracking open a cold one with our guys, we ALWAYS indulge in this after the riding session. And this rule applies every single time. Therefore, if anyone as much as suggests getting a beer before hitting the dirt, we leave the impression of very boring momma’s boys who always play by the rules. Because we actually do. There’s always the right moment and place where to enjoy something stronger than tea but it’s never on the track. Riding a dirt bike requires a total attention and laser-like focusing. Intoxication caused by alcohol or other dopey substances dulls your senses. Also pay attention to other riders – you don’t want to be on a track or trail with someone who can hardly see the way because of too many drinks. That directly affects your safety matters.

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