MX Gift Ideas 2022: What Every Dirt Bike Rider Dreams Of

Who said you have to wait for someone to gift that hot stuff you’ve been dreaming about? Even though this article is meant for all the clueless wives, parents, siblings and friends of dirt bike riders, we believe that every MX head deserves to treat himself sometimes. Therefore, explore our gift ideas of all the stuff we wish someone would buy us (yep, take this is a hint).

1. Dirt bike graphics

You didn’t think we could skip this one, right? MX graphics is hands down the best gift idea that never gets old. After all, we simply love swapping the graphics every season. Choosing new graphics each year is one of the coolest perks of our job as we do have an endless supply of dope decals (sure, you can send us your CV). To choose the graphics kit that fits your rider the most, think of his personality and style. Is he/she the fun type that adores bright Hawaii-style shirts and sunglasses with colorful frames? Choose LOCAL, PIXEL or TROPICAL VIBES graphics kit. Is your rider more of a cool guy (or gal), almost always dressed in black and adores everything leather? Choose between our CARBON or OMINOUS kits.

2. Action camera

Your MX-obsessed friend does not have one yet? Bingo – in this case an action camera will be the best gift he probably already dreams of. Just make sure he’s into recording and telling every single detail from their ride. If he loves to take videos and spend hours speaking about the last trail he’s shredded, a helmet cam will be such a fine surprise. We use and recommend GoPro Hero 7 which does its job beautifully.

3. Helmet

Is there even a better gift than showing that you truly care about his health and wellbeing? Take a close look to your friend’s helmet. Is it beaten up and has many crumples? Helmet manufacturers recommend that the helmet should be changed after every crash. Choose a proven and respected brand and make sure to pick the right size.

4. MX jersey

This is one of the things that any rider can’t have enough of. Even when shredding dirt and coming out of the track all covered in wet mud, we want to look awesome. The easiest way of achieving that is playing around your outfit with various MX jerseys

5. Bike lift stand

This might be the most life-changing gift if one does not already own it. Dirt bikes are heavy and getting them on a standard stands require a lot of power and effort. However, BikeMaster Easy-Lift stand will solve this struggle right away. It lifts the bike easily and safely, and allows to adjust the deck height as well. 

6. Fuel bottle

This might not be the sexiest gift out there but its hella useful. If your  dirt shredding friend does not already own one, this gift will take a lot of stress out of their life. Just make sure if they don’t have it first as there’s really no need for multiple bottles.

7. Health insurance

Ok, this idea is not something that would pop up in someone’s mind when thinking of tempting Christmas gifts. However, if your rider hasn’t already got one for himself, this is such a thoughtful and original idea to gift someone you truly care about.

8. Beverage refrigerator

A mini drink fridge for the garage is that one unexpected thing we would love to receive this Christmas the most. This honestly is the coolest and most original idea that you won’t read in other MX gift manuals. Therefore, we bet everyone will jump out of their pants when receiving such a surprise. We all know those long hours in garage maintaining your bike with pals. That usually comes along with sipping a lukewarm drink to make time run faster. Just imagine how enjoyable those hours will become when you’ll be able to provide your buddies with perfectly chilled beer. 

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