Best dirt bike accessories you should have

Owning a dirt bike is like giving your pinkie finger to a devil – it instantly take the whole hand. That is especially true when it comes to dirt bike accessories and other cool purchases that spice up your MX life. You instantly know you want all of it… However, you don’t have to clear out your closest bike shop as the accessory range there is truly endless. Read our takeout of stuff you truly need – from essentials to plain handy things to save your time and money.


If you have a dirt bike, chances are you just love spending all the time in the world with it. That includes long hours in your garage, repairing, washing and maintaining the ride by yourself. If you’re ready to get serious about it, bike stand is a must. Of course, you might use anything heavy to support the bike but what happens when the motorcycle falls? That is just too painful to watch. 

Pivot Levers

Damaging your bike’s standard levers is a common accident that can happen to anyone. The skills or experience doesn’t matter here. Usually the standard levers bend down and don’t work afterwards so having one of two spare pivot levers with you won’t hurt. 

Hand Guards

You already know that we are overachievers when it comes to safety. If there is something that can save your wellbeing and health when riding, you must own it – period. Hand guards is one of the things that can protect not only the controls but also your hands when crashing. Even more, the rocks and branches thrown up by other riders can reach and hurt you as well. There’s no fun in having broken fingers when you could have avoided that, right? Even the toughest gloves can’t guarantee the safety needed as your hands are very exposed on a dirt bike. Not to mention it is especially hard to open a beer can with broken fingers so here’s our verdict – hand guards is a must. 

Skid Plate

Probably you already have one underside of your ride as some brands already come with it. Even if that is the case, you might consider investing in a higher quality skid plate as this detail is especially useful when hitting trails. Tough rocks, branches and other random stuff can damage the sensitive parts like engine of the bike. Not to mention, repairing that can be very expensive. Therefore, it is better to pay once for a nice quality skid plate than tear your hair out when you see the bill of bike repair.

Hydration Packs

Having plenty of water with you when you’re planning to ride for long hours is a no-brainer. What’s wrong with the good old water bottles, you might ask? The answer is simple. They take up so much space and are simply not handy. Hydration packs, on the other hand, are like backpacks which have pipelines. That means you don’t have to turn off your bike when you’re thirsty.

Fender Mount Toolkit

Bringing sharp tools in your backpack is a categorically dumb idea. Just imagine what can happen during crashes and you’ll understand the reason why. Therefore, our favorite solution is fender mount toolkit. Of course, when you’re hitting trails for many hours, having an emergency toolkit with you can be very handy. Just make sure the pouch is waterproof and has separate departments for various tools to avoid the annoying sound of them clinging all together.

Dirt Bike Graphics

Guess which dirt bike accessory is our favourite? Of course, that’s custom dirt bike graphics. They make you stand out of the crowd and give that special little oomph that we are all after. Not to mention, custom motocross graphics protect the plastics from scuffs and scratches. Therefore, when you decide to replace the graphics after a while, the plastics underneath will be as brand new. This is especially essential if you’re one of the control freaks who simply adores everything matched – from your MX jersey to graphics. Having a unique identity in track feels very special and makes the rider pop out in the sea of so many plain boring motorcycles.

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