How to prepare dirt bike for one hell of a ride

You, your dirt bike and the nature in its wildest form – that means not only loads of fun and a mad spike of adrenaline, but also is a tough quest to every living being and a machined gear as well. So, how to make sure you and your motocross bike perform the best in an especially hard trail or enduro competition? Read more how to Prepare a Dirt Bike!

Tough trails are designed to be hard as you must shred the dirt through vast forests and mountains, sometimes even going for hours without any human presence. So to enjoy this extreme fun to the max, you must prepare yourself – mentally and physically, and your bike – technically and visually. Read our advice on how to do prepare dirt bike best!

Check-up list before the ride:

Tires – they can help you win the motocross race! Make sure your tires are in good condition and suit the track you’re racing on;

Suspension – match it to the track and conditions and make sure it does not leak;

Brakes – check the thickness of the brace pads and ensure the discs are clean and not warped;

Fluids – check the levels of engine and transmission oil, chain lube, engine coolant, brake fluid and fork oil. When was the last time you changed oil and filter? The general rule is that you should change it every couple of races. Oil filters should be replaced every second time you change the oil. And don’t forget the fuel – you wouldn’t want your bike to go dead in the middle of a forest, right? 

Air filter – as it is defending your engine from getting dirt in it, this component should be inspected at least twice. Cleaning or changing it is easy and cheap, therefore no excuses here – just do it and the engine of your motorbike will thank you;

Safety gear – we can’t stress enough how important it is to follow all the safety tips and make sure everything is in mint condition. Therefore, check every item before packing it, look for holes, cracks and other damages that might affect your wellbeing during the ride;

Spare parts and consumables – take as many spare parts with you as you can! You never know what might happen during the motocross ride, so it’s good to be prepare dirt bike for the worst. Air filter, brake disc pads and fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid, clutch fluid, duct tape, engine oil, lube, oil and fuel should be some things on your list. Don’t forget the special tools and bike consumables if you’re riding all day. 

Visual update – to prepare dirt bike at the highest level make sure to give your ride a customised look with dirt bike graphics. These motocross decals are specially designed to survive through tough conditions and protect your bike as well. Therefore, you’re not only sporting a unique and dope-looking motocross design through the forest (and getting the coolest pics of the ride), but also protecting your dirt bike from the actual dirt. To do so, choose only the best dirt bike decal manufacturers. For example, we here at OMX Graphics use only the best possible quality materials available that are qualified for a long-term use in trails, competitions and everyday situations. No matter if you’re riding a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki, we’ve got your back with a fully custom motocross graphics in various cool design options.

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