OMX GRAPHICS x MXGP 2020: The Dope Collab You Can Hit Up On Your Xbox

The best custom dirt bike graphics of 2020? We’re not gonna brag, but hey – some facts speak for themselves. This year has been a huge success for us. You probably already noticed – a new website, loads of great designs including many for GASGAS, and thousands of stoked customers. But there is just one last milestone we haven’t told you about. If you ever wondered how cool actually OMX graphics look on a dirt bike, now you have the chance to check out our decals on a real track… Well, almost. With the launch of MXGP 2020, we announce our newest collaboration with the only official motocross game which now features OMX Graphics.

MXGP has been among our favorite games for quite a while, and it’s easy to see why. Sometimes the weather outside is simply the worst and you just can’t help but dream of racing. Hitting the dirt without leaving your couch? We are totally in. MXGP allows you to race through various track settings and compete with pro riders. MXGP 2020 is the only game where players can truly experience the adrenaline and excitement of the current motocross season. You get a chance to compete with 68 riders from both MXGP and MX2 categories on the 19 circuits of the 2020 season. Everyone starts as a rookie and your path to glory can lead via joining an official team or creating your own.

The MX Game of Your Dreams

Some of the coolest features include an improved track editor with plenty of new options. One of them is the new heightmap feature. Now you can replicate the real MX tracks configurations which are often built on hills and mountains. That helps to add realism and all the challenges that real riders face during through races. You can choose from four different types of terrain: Plain, Quarry, Wine Region and Forest. All of these self-made routes can be shared with your gamer pals online.

And the best part of the game? You can enjoy a free-roam riding alone or with 3 friends, by exploring the Playground option. The Playground is inspired by the terrains of Norwegian fjords which makes the ride even more breathtaking. That allows you to ride around freely and test your driving skills before hitting an actual track. By choosing the Waypoint mode, you can create even your own route by placing checkpoints on the ground.

About the OMX x MXGP Collab

The newest game launch – MXGP 2020 now features various custom motocross graphics from OMX. Now you can update your virtual ride with the sickest-looking MX graphics out there. This is the only official motocross game, which makes our announcement pretty huge. One thing we can promise – once you’ll see how rad these designs look on a dirt bike, you’ll be sure of there’s just one way to go when choosing decals for your ride in real life. Nothing else compares to it, and now you can see it for yourself.

Let’s Rock 2021 Together

What’s the next step for us, you might ask? One thing is clear – we will keep building our success story in 2021 as well. Great new accomplishments, exciting projects and making our clients 100% satisfied is our top goal for the next year. So that’s what we wish for you too – to reach new heights of adrenaline, collect great memories on tracks and trails, and shred the dirt in style. See you in 2o21!

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