Another year comes not only with loads of empty whiskey bottles and a huge hangover (we’re guilty here!) but also with new MX Design trends for dirt bikes. 

Well hello there, 2021! The previous 12 months were one hell of a ride. We truly believe that this year will be just as epic for everyone dirt bike-related. Fast-forward the pandemic madness: everyone who has a dirt bike turned out to be a real winner in this sad situation. When all the world fell apart, there was just one thing left to do. Getting lost in the trails and tracks! And the taste of dirt was tempting enough to add many new thrill seekers to the global lineup of riders. That resulted in one thing: OMX was flooded with orders. It took a great effort to keep up with the huge demand for finest mx graphics out there. Our design team worked their bottoms off to surprise you with more and more iconic looks. Have to mention that many of them became an instant bestsellers.

Our customers are the experts

The likes and reviews of our customers, and the awesomeness of our designers allowed us to evaluate the dirt bike graphics trends for 2021. It’s clear that not every graphics kit is right for everyone. Wanna hear the good news? The right mx design kit that works for you already is featured on our website. All you have to do is choose (but that’s the hardest part when they all look insanely dope!). So get inspired by our design trends list for this year and start working on your perfect ride to steal the show.

Straight Outta Jungle

Ready to rip the track apart with your dope appearance? Look no further as our WILD design collection is the dream come true for all the savages out there. Our inspiration was the wild animals who live by their own rules. As a result, we got a totally awesome design collection with wildlife-inspired patterns that is absolutely unique and made to stand out. Featuring stylised zebra, leopard and tiger prints, these kits will help showing off your predatory side.

Factory Style Mx Graphics

One trend that never gets old is the always classy factory style. Guys love their rides looking like a real team bike. Getting a factory style dirt bike graphics is the easiest way to achieve that without actually rocking it to the pedestals. 

Clean and simple Mx Designs

Nothing beats clean lines, sophisticated colors and a discrete visual appearance. The easiest way to achieve that? Choosing a minimalistic dirt bike graphics kit. Here on OMX, we feature many of them – like UNION or ATTACK series, and many more. Many other racers go way over the top, therefore, laying low and classy becomes the finest way of being unforgettable.

Bold MX Designs

Camouflage is going nowhere anytime soon! Don’t mistake this style with the usual camo you have seen around (hint: boring!). When done by OMX, this print looks extra distinctive and dope. Therefore, it has always been a crowd favorite. The ones who love to stand out, often choose our BLAZE or CRIME series as well. The bold lines in bright colors truly sends a message to fans and all the other competitors.

Back to the 80’s – Retro Mx Designs

This year, we are noticing some sentiment towards retro bikes. Maybe it’s because we are missing a good-old motocross icon like Steve McQueen or Rickman brothers, but the nostalgia is real. For instance, If you don’t want to ride an oldie but wouldn’t mind if your bike had just a little hint of sweet 80’s, we’ve got great news. Anytime soon we are launching a brand new Retro Mx Graphics design collection that will be retro-bikes inspired. In short, these vintage designs will truly become the stars of the show so stay tuned and turn your bike into a classy showstopper!

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