Retro Dirt Bike graphics that plays around the rich heritage of motocross.

Are you ready to steal the show in the classiest way possible? Meet our brand new Retro graphics that plays around the rich heritage of motocross.

We can say without a doubt that a vintage dirt bike is a tempting stuff to display in your garage. Of course, having a 50-years-old icon sitting around sends your coolness level through the roof. Not to mention, it easily makes anyone green with envy (us included!). But then think again – what are you really going to do with it, except for looking at it? We mean, you can’t really ride and have fun with it. Even more, we think it’s a violent crime to casually shred this precious toy through the dirt. And this is where our retro dirt bike graphics comes in.

Vintage Stunners

Of course, retro dirt bikes do have their charm. Even though every year brings us plenty of fresh and updated rides, there is something truly special about the oldies. Maybe it’s the idea that it is governed not by computers but by old fashioned mechanical engineering. Or maybe it’s the fact that they were made for a true hardcore riding. One thing is for sure – the temptation often lies in the looks. Want to know the secret of having a classy-looking stunner without breaking the bank? Having a custom motocross graphics kit. If a dirt bike with our retro dirt bike decals whipped past you out on the trails, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a retro ride.

All About Standing out

Some of the dopest motorcycles come from the era of 1970’ when the popularity of dirt bikes skyrocketed. 40 years ago, every manufacturer was finding his own way of building up the perfect ride. That explained the various aesthetics of retro dirt bikes. On the other hand, all the factory bikes look quite similar nowadays. They are technology-driven and that affects the standard of looks. As you already know, it has always been the main goal of OMX Graphics – to help you stand out. No one deserves riding a plain factory bike when you can have such a great variety of colors and patterns. And this season, we are paying our respects to the oldies as well by introducing a brand new graphics collection. 

Retro Dirt Bike Graphics by OMX

Your bike but cooler – that was our goal when we started working on these exciting Retro dirt bike graphics. With this project, we wanted to pay our respects to the rich heritage of motocross. Remembering the times when bikes seemed just a tad tougher and races a bit meaner made us truly nostalgic. For most of OMX team members, motocross runs in the blood. It has been a life-long passion for our dads and granddads who passed the thrill for dirt to us. That’s why it seemed especially important to include RETRO designs on our website. Of course, when it comes to design, OMX could not simply just re-do a classic look from the Seventies. Therefore, we took some main characteristics of the era and made it more modern and contemporary. 

Customize Your Retro Dirt Bike Graphics Design 

Now even the latest dirt bike model can have a RETRO mx graphics kit and it will look like the perfect match. Clean lines, bright colors, and a vintage touch of patterns – what’s not to like? But it is about to get even better as you can fully customize each of the designs. Printed on a 21MIL thick Substance material, it will last for years, and perform equally good on wild trails and the dopest tracks. So go on – choose your RETRO design and turn your bike into a legend.

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