The difference between Dirt Bike and Supermoto

In our 10 years experience of making custom super moto bike graphics, we have learned so many things. One of them – our customers truly are an experts of everything two-wheeled. When it comes to updating your trustworthy dirt beast, nobody knows better than you. Most of our clients have ridden for years, owned or tried lots of different bikes and maintained or repaired them by themselves. Yep – you’ve seen and done almost all of it. But when you’ve spent years by perfecting your motocross skills, you might come to the point when you wanna try something absolutely new. And let’s be honest. Being all covered in dirt every time you ride is fun, until it gets just ever so slightly boring. That’s why we’re introducing you to Supermoto – crazily cool way to cruise not only the beloved trails, but streets as well. Hopping on a supermoto allows you to expand the horizons and try your skills in completely fresh ways. 

So what exactly is Supermoto?

Supermoto is quite a recent type of racing. It combines three different kinds of motorcycling: motocross, road racing, and flat-track racing. It started as a very special event in the 1980s. Top racers from various motocross disciplines competed against each other in one special event that was a mash-up of all the sports. All-star riders raced in tight, twisty, and paved kart tracks which included dirt sections with jumps as well. In other words, three types of terrain were included: clean asphalt, motocross off-road terrain with jumps, and flat off-road terrain. That meant that every type of rider would be challenged in such a combined discipline. 

This moto discipline had a huge leap of popularity in the late 1990’s. It took few more years until we saw the first world championship which was running in 2002. Unfortunately, after the very successful beginning, this sport went quite dead in the US. Meanwhile, it continued to gain its popularity in Europe, with lots of champions popping up. Only recently the US riders decided to revive this discipline. And right now? Hottest racing discipline ever. Nowadays, few of the bike manufacturers offer their own factory-built supermoto rides. Most of the riders choose to build their own supermoto, by modifying a dirt bike or enduro bike. 

Super Moto Bike Graphics

What is a Supermoto bike?

Take a dirt bike, replace the wheels and tires, and you’re done? Nope, not really. If your bike is already street legal and has lights, speedometer, horn, mirrors and indicators, then you’re on the right way. The most common wheels for supermoto are 17-inch front and rear. They often have other modifications, like inverted front forks and oversized front rotor braking setups. The point of doing all that is to get a narrow, light, hard-accelerating motorcycle. It has to achieve lean angles in corners, and handle bumps and jumps at the same time.

Factory-made Super moto bikes

Let’s have a look at most popular Supermoto models done by manufacturers. First of all, Honda FMX 650. Honda call it a fun bike, and that’s what this ride truly delivers. It does have a high weight and low power, therefore might be more suitable to cruising through the city. The complete opposite is KTM 690 SMC / SMC R. This is considered to be the best factory-made Supermoto bike. It looks great, behaves appropriately, and is more practical. The main thing, it still has that spirit of an off-road machine. And that truly matters to dirt bike fans like us. Another favorite is Honda CRF450. Ok, you might say – we’re cheating, as originally this is nothing more than a dirt bike. It does require a little modification to become a solid supermoto bike. But with a few key upgrades it can behave truly impressively. So the big question is Supermoto or Dirt Bike?

Super moto BIKE graphics

The best thing about getting custom super moto bike graphics? We already have it. The truth is, all the graphics suited for dirt bikes fit perfectly well to your street-legal Supermoto. Even more, if you’ve modified it by yourself or bought a ready-made Supermoto monster, you already know, that deep in it’s heart… sorry, we meant – engine, it’s still a dirt bike. Here at OMX, we support all the creative and engineering minds of our customers. If you’re looking to update your ride with the coolest supermoto graphics, look no further. We have hundreds of dope designs to choose from. plus, they are made using 21MIL thick Substance material. Meaning that even the sharpest turns, lowest slides, and highest jumps won’t do much of a damage to your track beast. We’re all about the quality of looks, so go on – choose your best option and ride the hell out of it!

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