Top Dirt Bike Upgrades for 2024

What’s the easiest way to get excited for motocross again? The answer is simple – boosting your ride with fresh top-notch upgrades. But why should anyone bother to update their motorcycle anyway? First of all, we do it because of the thrill. The goal is to enhance performance, safety and the overall bad-assery. At this point, it doesn’t even matter if you’re hitting the local trails or gearing up for a competition. That’s simply because giving your bike a little boost can make all the difference. Therefore, let’s explore the best ways to upgrade your dirt bike this year.


Consider Suspension Setup Tuning

First of all, never underestimate the power of a well-tuned suspension. There is a reason why we begin this list with this advice particularly. Updating your bike’s suspension to match your weight, riding style, and terrain can significantly improve handling and comfort. We recommend to seek a professional help for this – a custom-tuned suspension can transform your ride from good to exceptional. 

Upgrading Exhaust and Air Filter for a Better Performance

Who doesn’t love the sound of a powerful engine? The roar runs through every MX lover’s veins and is partly the reason why we even ride dirt bikes at the first place.  But how to make the sound even more satisfying? The answer is by upgrading your exhaust system. That way, you’ll get the awesome sound plus an increased performance and more horsepower. Add a high-flow air filter to ensure the engine breathes better. There you go, an easy recipe for increased efficiency and power.

Upgrade your tire game

They say that the second heart of a horse beats in his hooves. Something similar can be said about motorcycles. Tires are critical for dirt bike’s performance. Nowadays you can choose from many options that are suited for your most frequent riding conditions. For example, you can choose tires that offer more grip, better mud shedding, or a balance. Therefore, the right tires can dramatically improve your ride’s safety and performance. If you ask us – we go by Kenda Sand Mad !

Choose Fine Tuning for Peak Performance

Switching out the front and rear sprockets can tailor your bike’s power delivery to your riding preferences. Looking for quicker acceleration? Go for a larger rear sprocket. Or maybe you prefer top speed? Then go for a smaller rear sprocket. It’s a simple dirt bike upgrade with noticeable effects on how your bike handles and feels.

Boost Your Stopping Power With New Brakes

Upgrading your brake system is not only about performance but also safety. High-quality brake pads, discs, and even braided brake lines can offer you sharper and more reliable braking. Especially if you’re pushing your bike to its limits, these upgrades can be crucial for controlled and safe riding.

Protect Your Ride As Much As Possible

Who wouldn’t want to skip the costly repairs down the line? The easiest way to do that is by investing in protection dirt bike upgrade like skid plates, hand guards, and radiator guards. These are especially important for riders who frequently tackle rough terrains. It’s all about keeping your bike safe, so you can focus on enjoying the ride. Not to mention, getting custom dirt bike graphics is crucial to keep your ride in a pristine condition. Here at OMX, we offer plenty of designs to make your dirt bike look outstanding.

Fine-Tune with Fuel Management Systems

Last but not the least, a fuel management system can revolutionise your bike’s performance. It will optimise the air/fuel ratio for various conditions and modifications. This upgrade can squeeze out every bit of power from your engine. Therefore, it will be a smart investment for everyone who’s serious about customization and performance.

Dirt Bike Graphics Wrap Up

Upgrading your dirt bike in 2024 is all about making strategic choices that align with your riding style, preferences, and the terrains. That includes tweaking your suspension and optimizing your engine’s power with a new exhaust. In other words, every modification has the potential to elevate your dirt biking experience.

Even though it can be tempting to jump on all the upgrades at once, consider making changes gradually. This way, you’ll be able to feel the impact of each upgrade and make adjustments that truly enhance your ride. Plus, it keeps the excitement going all year long. Therefore, gear up, hit those trails, and make 2024 your most exhilarating dirt biking year yet!

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