Why is motocross expensive?

This is surely one of the thoughts that cross your mind on a daily basis. Why is motocross expensive?! The price tags on dirt bikes and everything related can truly be quite daunting. In this blog post, we will try to advocate for all the high prices. So, in case your wife questions recent MX expenses and you’re too tired to explain, just give her this article. We’ll do this for you.

Specialized design and engineering

The magic of every dirt bike lies in its specialized design and engineering. Compared to regular motorcycles, dirt bikes are built with rugged off road terrain in mind. Manufacturers invest heavily in research and development to create bikes that can withstand the harsh conditions. That is the reason why dirt bikes are the stars of dirt trails, motocross tracks, and other challenging environments. Important details like lightweight and durable materials, advanced suspension systems, and specialized tires significantly raise production costs.

Photo: S.Cudby

High performance components

Dirt bikes are all about high-performance. And of course, this kind of performance comes at a cost. Top of the line engines, precise suspension systems, and high quality brakes are essential components that contribute to the overall cost of a dirt bike. Manufacturers use premium materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure that the bikes deliver the power, control, and agility that’s highly required for all our adventures.

Production runs are limited

You might be surprised that dirt bikes often have smaller production runs. This limited scale of manufacturing can lead to higher per-unit costs. In other words, the research and development expenses are spread across fewer units. Therefore, manufacturers don’t get the sales numbers up high as with largely produced lines. How to get the money they’re after? You’re right, they drive up the overall cost of each dirt bike. 

Continuous innovation

The world of dirt biking is highly competitive. Whoever comes up with the latest innovation, owns the market and everyone else is just a runner-up. The newer models often feature advanced technologies and enhancements over the previous ones. The cost of developing and integrating these innovations is passed on to consumers. There you go! This process also contributes to the overall price of dirt bikes.

Rigorous testing and quality control

Dirt bikes are constantly under the pressure of extreme riding conditions. Therefore, rigorous testing and quality control are very paramount. Manufacturers invest significant resources to ensure that their bikes meet safety standards and can withstand the harsh environments they’re designed for. This testing and quality control add up to the overall cost of production.

Photo: Triumph

Brand prestige and heritage

Brand reputation and heritage play a significant role in the pricing of dirt bikes. Established manufacturers with a rich history in off-road racing and proven track records can easily charge higher prices for their bikes. 

How to save money in motocross?

This is not an easy task, believe us. However, it is very rewarding as every extra dollar counts. The insiders of the MX world already know how to work their way around the expenses. For example, buying a dirt bike in the off-season will surely pay off with a nice discount that warms up your heart. Another way is to get an older model. Sure, you will miss out on the hype but  you will still get a dope ride for a fraction of the price. Not to mention, it is not required to get a nice and shiny dirt bike straight out of the salon. This works especially well if you’re just dipping your toes in the world of motocross. Getting a pre-loved ride will help you to understand if you truly want it and also save you some extra bucks. 

DIY all the way

It’s not a secret that getting all the maintenance done at the service can cost you a fortune and peace of mind. And who wants that, right? Therefore, we recommend equipping yourself with some YouTube tutorials and getting your hands dirty. Of course, this is impossible if we’re talking of serious repairs. But all the regular stuff like changing filters, oils, etc. can be easily done at your garage.

Add protection with dirt bike graphics

Prevention goes a long way when it comes to your dirt bike. After all, this is an investment and every investment needs a protection. Therefore, we recommend always choosing dirt bike graphics to cover all the plastics and make sure they stay intact in case of accidents. The material we use is 21MIL thick Substance that makes sure no scuffs and buffs are left on the plastics. Sure, dirt bike graphics are not the cheapest thing on the planet, however there are ways how you can save too. We have frequent sales campaigns here on OMX with the biggest one running around Black Friday. If you want to save a dollar or two, just stick around and wait for the next big sales thing. We promise that’s about to be announced very soon.

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