Kart Graphics Kit ‘COMET’ Teal


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What kind of print base would you like for your graphics? We now offer CHROME print materials as well. Rather than printing on standard white material, you can choose to print onto silver or holographic chrome, turning all the colours in your kit metallic! Please note that all colours will look slightly different as the chrome print material shines different hues in different lights. Production terms are slightly increased for chrome materials (about 3 business days).
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Hook up your ride with a new identity by choosing custom go kart graphics kit from OMX. Are you ready to pop out of the crowd with a unique kart decal set? This design is created with champions, rule breakers, natural talents and track hooligans in mind. In other words – for everyone who’s born to stand out. 


Updating your kart with a fresh visual appearance has never been so easy, good looking and long-lasting. In a world of countless copies and duplicates, now you have the chance to make a difference and set a new mark of performance. And yes, that truly includes your visual identity as well. Unique custom go kart graphics kit provide not only a way to become visible to your fans and photographers. It is also an update that showcases your personality and preferences to the whole world. And let’s be clear here. A true racing icon never stays blank on the track. Of course, your set of skills and talent is undeniable when racing for the champion’s title.

But you might agree that a kick-ass go kart graphics kit always helps to set your mark and be just one step closer to rocking those pedestals. Because a splash of colours and patterns is not the only thing you’re getting. It’s also a great boost to your confidence, and that is a quality that every champion needs. Of course, changing the looks is just one of the reasons why go for these custom graphics. Another one is protecting the bodykit from nasty scratches and scuffs that happen quite a lot during a serious training and racing sessions. 

One of the big guns out there

Our experience of 10 years has allowed us to become experts of materials and technologies of go kart graphics kits. After a scrumptious testing of some of the finest options, we have sticked with the top-shelf material. The kit is made with the finest 21MIL thick Substance material that’s practically crash-proof and is made to last for years. It is proven itself to provide the highest level of durability and color vividness. Even after the most extreme race, you’ll have to wipe down the decals and make sure that they look just as good as before. The only reason to exchange them would be just going for another visual identity.

Other than that – you’re good to go for years ahead. Testing and perfecting our technique has helped to maintain the status of market leaders. When it comes to anything motocross graphics-related, there are just few strong market players to choose from. OMX Graphics is proud to be one of the big guns, collecting a crowd of raving fans, riders and champions sporting our decals all over the world.

Now a bit more about the ordering process. Congrats – you are already looking at one of the finest custom go kart graphics kit options out there. Even though the market is flooded with various manufacturers and design options, you already see the difference by selecting the products of OMX. We will take you through the ordering process to illustrate how easy and fast it is to get the finest go kart graphics kit for your ride.

  1. Choose the design. Our graphics team is living and breathing for the go kart graphics that takes your breath away. It looks amazing in pics, right? Well, the good thing is that it looks even more dope in real life. 
  2. Choose the model. The next step is to choose the model you own to make sure it sticks to every angle. We do feature the most popular kart bodyworks. Templates include the following bodywork styles: Tony Kart 2, OTK M4, Stilo, Unico, Zanardi Kart New Age 2, XTR 30, Arrow X1 and many more. If you can’t find yours from the list, drop us a message and we’ll do our best to get back to you with the most amazing design that fits like a glove. 
  3. Customise it for free. You can add your name and logos free of charge to make sure it showcases your identity even more. 
  4. Receiving a preview for approval. When the order has been processed, our design team gets to work and in few days reaches back to you with a sample of the design. Yes, you heard us right – nothing gets printed without your approval! And only when we hear the “heck yeah!” from you, it goes to the next production step. 
  5. The magic happens. We are proud to own a state-of-art printers and cutting devices, that means the newest and most advanced technologies out there. 
  6. Receive it in a few business days. When it comes to delivery,  no worries here as well. We work with FedEx, making sure that you receive your custom go kart graphics in a very timely manner. 

Steal the show with the dopest custom go kart graphics kit out there!


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