5 expert tips to capture those perfect DIRT BIKE PHOTOs

As a dirt bike enthusiast or a professional motocross competitor, you may think you’ve got it all figured out from the gear to the track. But what about when it comes to your dirt bike photos skills?
With all the possibilities and customable graphics, would you know where to begin? 

It’s important to have the ability to photograph the essence of what makes motocross culture as great as it is, beginning with the bikes themselves.
So, let’s shed some light on a few ways to ensure your bike isn’t lacking in front of the lens:

#1 Custom motocross graphics

Riding and racing motocross is about embracing the freedom to ride what you want and exactly how you want. So why not create a unique version of your bike with some semi custom or fully custom motocross graphics.
Give your bike a pinch of your personal character and let others know who owns it!
Your dirt bike photos should represent your riding style while simultaneously expressing professionalism and your attitude towards motocross culture – one of the best things about motocross is the individualism you may not get with other sports across the globe!
At OMXgraphics, we supply high quality, custom dirt bike graphics for all makes and models including KTMSuzukiKawasakiYamahaHusqvarna, Honda and GasGas with an array of kits at incredibly affordable prices.
Customisable name plates, number plates and decals are great way to get started. Whether you’re a veteran of the sport or a beginner, we’ve got a graphics kit for you!

#2 Up close and personal
Be sure to be within close proximity to your machine when snapping off a few shots and remember to capture the sharpest detail of all your bike’s aspects. It won’t matter how vibrant your dirt bike looks if your audience is unable to clearly see and appreciate the finer details.
Also, you can even oftentimes use your immediate surroundings to express a deeper and more meaningful tone from within your photography.
Attributes such as the backdrop, lighting and even the weather can be utilised to your advantage to add a true-grit feel to your dirt bike photos. Position your bike strategically so you even capture the both the star of the show, and the atmosphere it’s in.
On the other hand, it would be wise not to waste too much time on locations. Even some of the most seasoned photographers who work across various industries use up valuable resources searching for the ‘perfect location’ to snap off a few. Just remember that the bike is the focus and not to get too worried about where you are.
One top tip that is generally underrated is the use of and black and white mode or grayscale filters – a little contrast in colouring never did anyone any harm either, especially if the only surroundings available to you are not ideal!

#3 Shine her up!
Not only should you be making sure the bike is free of dust and mud build-up, but rather run over your bike with a fine-toothed comb looking closely at your custom motocross graphics.
The idea behind this is to pick up on any minor or tedious scratch marks or damaged dirt bike graphics BEFORE you begin the editing and final stages of photo production.
There is nothing more frustrating than concluding what you initially thought was a successful shoot, only to find these discrepancies.
Taking pride in a motocross masterpiece is obviously part of the game. We can imagine that this sort of thing would be particularly annoying if you have built your bike literally, from the ground up like some hardcore motocross enthusiasts.

Custom motocross graphics for your style

Ensure your dirtbike graphics are unique to your style, shine vibrantly and are free from major wear and tear.
If not, we at OMXgraphics have just what you need to spruce up your snaps! Checkout our range of both Semi-custom and Fully-custom motocross graphics here!

#4 Tell a story
Ever heard the expression, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? Well it’s 100% true!
Let people know exactly what you and your bike have been through. The journey. The good, the bad and everything in between.
Scale is also an imperative factor to keep in mind when positioning your bike and the surroundings whether you are involved in a professional shoot or experimenting with a weekend hobby.
Scaling represents the relevance of the objects in the photograph as well as the background painting a real-time picture and provides a genuine feel for what is actually happening as mentioned above.
Telling a story through photography is also about balance. Don’t clutter your images with unnecessary props for example.

#5 Yourself
Our final photoshoot tip works directly in conjunction with tip number #4, in the way that you, the rider, are the other half of the moto-makeup. Without you, your bike is merely more than two wheels and an engine.
You’ve done the hard yards together and both seen the same tracks – your bike is your partner in crime! So why not illustrate that through photography?
Also, when photographing yourself with your dirtbike, it’s highly recommended to be wearing the very motocross gear that reflects you as a rider. In mentioning the word ‘balance’ again, it’s just as important to direct equal attention between you and the bike as you click away.
It’s crucial to remember that your audience wants to experience the ‘feel’ of riding one of these powerhouses through your photographs. They want to imagine what it’s like to take control and inherit the adrenalin rush, even if it’s just for a few short moments.
But at the end of the day photographing motocross culture should be all about having fun and learning how to inspire your audience with what you know.
So, grab the bike and your ‘thinking cap’, and then its lights, camera, action!

Get in touch with us today to discuss our fully custom dirt bike graphics or to checkout our other OMXgraphics products!

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