Babes in the dirt: The dopest female MX riders out there

Motocross has been around for many decades. However, the first women’s motocross competition was held only in 1974. Ladies have been shredding the dirt for some time though, and here at OMX we take them extremely seriously. Even more, we are proud to have some ladies on board as well and they are passionate riders themselves. Three main rules of MX success is getting the right dirt bike, finding a safe place to learn and riding at your own pace. Oh, and of course – getting a strong idol and inspiration to look up to. Therefore, we collected a lineup of dope MX female riders to get you or your lady more stoked about shredding the dirt than ever.

Tarah Gieger

This badass has started dirt bike riding at 10 years old. Since then, she has won more X Games medals than any other MX lady. On top of that, she was the first female to compete in the Motocross des Nations. Also Tarah is the first female to land a backflip on a motorcycle.  Impressive, right?

Ashley Fiolek

Ashley is a sweet girl who was born without the ability to hear. The Mother Nature gifted her an incredible talent to ride a dirt bike, and she does that truly superbly. Since the start of her career, Ashley has won many awards, including X Games. Her list of achievements goes on and on, but one of the most impressive facts is that she was the youngest woman in history to win the AMA Motocross Championship.

Kirsten Landman

Not every pro rider comes from USA, Europe or Australia. Kirsten is a professional offroad and hard enduro rider from South Africa. She has been shredding the dirt since 8 years old. What started as a fun hobby now helps her earn the money and popularity.

Mercedes Gonzales

This lady is a pure legend as she rocked the MX world in the 90s. She was just another girl who started riding at the age of seven and first competed against male riders. Only after a while the motocross world became more welcoming to ladies on dirt bikes. Mercedes holds nine national championships which is the record among American female riders.

Vicki Golden

She is another proof that MX blood runs deep in the family. Vicki started to ride at seven years old after getting inspired by her father and brother shredding the dirt at the hills of San Diego. She became one of the the first female mx riders to earn a pro licence after racing in the men’s Arenacross series. This hardcore lady has won three Moto-X competitions at X games and climbed on the podium in Best Whip in 2013, along men riders.

It’s Not Always A Man’s World

What do all these ladies have in common? One thing, of course, is wildly awesome dirt bike graphics. Every MX head tries his best to come up with the sickest dirt bike design. But we have to admit that ladies love putting some extra effort to choose a matching gear and have all eyes on them while they’re shredding the dirt. Here at OMX, you can find every kind of dirt bike graphics design to turn your ride into a visualisation of your personality. You can have it however you want it to be – wild, sophisticated, brutal, cute or completely artistic. Sure, it’s not about the looks 24/7 but our ladies always stand out of the OMX gang with the sickest designs out there.

Another thing that’s in common for these star riders is that all of them started riding before stepping into their teenage years. Does that mean that you don’t stand a chance if you didn’t get involved early? Nope! The truth is, you can learn riding at any age, as long as you feel good in your body and ready to take up new mental and physical challenges. Therefore, wait for our next blog post to learn more tips how to start shredding the dirt if you’re an aspiring female rider.

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