How to winterize a dirt bike for off-season?


As they warned in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming”. And when it comes to dirt bikes, this can really become a threat if the ride is not winterized properly. As much as we would like to shred the dirt (and snow!) all year long, we all know it’s not always possible. Some people who just can’t live without that beautiful #braaap soundtrack, do turn their rides into snow bikes for the winter season. However, most of us let our trusty dirt machines take a rest till the warmer months. And if you truly care of your ride, spending a few minutes to put it to winter’s sleep is essential. Not to mention, these tips will also prolong the lifespan of those dope dirt bike graphics you’ve ordered from OMX.

Depending on the time you’re willing to spend on your power machine, winterization can take from a few minutes to a full hour of work. If you want your ride to run like it did before you stored it, we truly recommend going all in. First of all, let’s answer some of the most common questions here.


The answer is short – absolutely yes! We believe you want your dirt bike to be completely ready to shred the dirt when the spring comes. Even more, this step can save you from some minor rusting and breakage. Therefore, you must follow these preparation steps for a safe and sound off-season.


If you decide to store the dirt bike by skipping the winterization process, spring will come with some bad surprises. For example, your motocross bike can corrode or break during or right after the months you have skipped riding. Plus, if you have any broken or worn out parts, we recommend replacing them right at the end of season. You don’t want to miss the spring opening when your buddies are already out riding, right?


Sure, there is a way to do the job in two easy steps that will take up to 10 minutes. First of all, put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank. Run the bike for 2 minutes to let the fluid spread through the engine. Second, remove the battery and put it on a smart charger throughout the winter. However, if you want to give your dirt bike a full post-season treatment, read the article to learn our easy tips.


Wash your dirt bike thoroughly. 

A pressure washer is recommended to clean your dirt bike. However, you can do the job without it. Just make sure to scrub everything as clean as possible. You can even find some useful tools and liquids at your kitchen – for example, dish soap works great on grease and oil. Old toothbrushes and wire brushes can help cleaning those annoyingly small parts. Just keep in mind one general rule – make sure everything is completely dry before storing. 

Lube everything like a mad man. 

Once your bike looks squeaky clean, spray the chain with  a water dispersing lubricating oil. Don’t forget to lube the foot peg pivots, shock threads, shirt lever, and all the other moving or bending parts.

Use gas stabiliser. 

Some people recommend draining the gas tank completely empty. We, on the other hand, always add dirt bike fuel stabilizer in the tank. Turn on the bike and let it run for 2 minutes so the stabilizer runs fully through the engine. Then turn off the gas tank.

Change other liquids. 

Fresh oil ensures a healthier-running bike when you start it after the winter months. Don’t forget to check the other fluids as well, like antifreeze. If you notice any debris in the fluid, replace all of it. 

Check the tire pressure. 

Check the pressure on the dirt bike and pump the tires to the normal setting. Usually it is around 15 pounds, but that can differ. 

Remove the battery.

This is a very important step that cannot be skipped. If you forget it, the battery will be weak by spring and there is a high possibility you’ll need to replace it. therefore, put it on a smart charger and charge it throughout the winter.

Put it on a stand and cover it.

We recommend getting the bike off the ground and storing on a stand. This way, you’ll minimize any pressure to suspension and keep the tires from deforming. Toss a cover over your bike to keep the dust off it. Also, don’t forget that dirt bike graphics is a great way to take care of your MX’s plastics. They not only makes your ride look dope and brand new, but also makes it last for years to come.

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