Check out the new MX graphics drop ‘ARMY’

Sure, we are stoked about all the new mx graphics that get released by OMX. Just check out the latest drops and you’ll be sure that it’s hard to choose just one kit from all this awesomeness. But we will be honest with you – there are a few mx designs that make our hearts race a bit faster. Even more, some decals are so rad that they end up applied on our own dirt bikes. As soon as we got the email from our design team with the first visuals of ARMY dirt bike graphics, two guys from our staff made the first orders to get these decals wrapped on their personal rides. Now that means something big, right? 

So, dirt bike ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our latest release – ARMY dirt bike graphics. Since it’s been dropped like it’s hot, these decals already became one of our most popular designs. Therefore, we can all agree that this kit is made to become a crowd pleaser, wherever you ride. But now enough about the hype, let’s talk about the design itself.

More Than Just Another Camouflage

With just a glance on our new drop, you’ll notice there’s something completely unique about this new mx graphics kit. First of all, the color. We have released three dope variations to make sure every MX aficionado finds something that makes him drool. Even more, every single one of these combos have already conquered the likes of our clients and the crowd. If you’re looking for a real Instagram banger, this design is made to steal all the hearts and comments. First color option that resembles the army hues the most, is khaki green. Combined with objects like stars, stripes and dots, these motocross graphics add a bombproof coolness to every ride. One thing that sets this design apart from others is the OMX’s alien cat logo. In this interpretation, the logo looks so rad we couldn’t wait to apply it on our rides as well.

Nonetheless, the two other variations are worth a consideration as well. Steel grey and sand beige elevates the camouflage look to a completely new level. What makes these camouflage drops even cooler is the possibility to get lost in bushes, desert or even Arctic trails. Just choose the right color option and have fun with it. And the best part? If you’re the kind of guy or gal who strives for an aligned look, you can order matching mx seat covers or MX jerseys as well. 


Style matters but not as much as the meaning behind these dirt bike graphics. With our ARMY series, we are honoring our buds, brothers and neighbors who have served or are serving in the military. This is our tribute to all the army wolves riding dirt bikes. Therefore, let’s ride proudly for them! But keep in mind that the camouflage looks are cool enough to be sported by anyone. As with every dirt bike graphics kit released by OMX Graphics, everything gets printed on 21MIL thick Substance material. Therefore, you’ll be able to shred the mud without a worry.

BTW, here is the video: How to apply your new mx graphics!

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