Dirt Bike For Kid: How To Choose The First Ride?

We all remember our first race, and for some lucky ones it happened at very early age. Who wouldn’t want such sweet childhood memories – the roaring engine, the smell of gasoline, mad spike of adrenaline… The only thing shining underneath the thick cover of mud – true happiness in the little kid’s eyes. That’s why many of the MX wolves put their kiddos on dirt bikes to explore this feeling and gain confidence in the track. But how to choose the perfect dirt bike for kid? Read further!

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There are some important dirt bike qualities to evaluate if you’re searching a ride for your little adventurer, first of all – the tire size, throttle control and ability to upgrade. The second but not least – the design, so that your kid can get excited just by looking at his sweet ride (yup, you’re right – this is where a custom dirt bike graphics kit come in game).

The tire size

The size of tires might be the most important thing to determine if the dirt bike for kid is appropriate for your upcoming MX star. But if you’re thinking – the bigger, the better – you might be wrong in this case. At one point big tires can help around the obstacles in the dirt but sometimes it compromises the ability to control the dirt bike. We suggest choosing a smaller size of tires, as the little rider must be able to reach the ground with his foot to stop safely. Big tires, on the opposite, will place the rider even higher, which is not what your kid needs. Safety first, right?

The throttle control

Smaller engines on children dirt bikes have a limit in the powerband (the ratio of how motor creates power as the RPMs rise). Also small dirt bikes usually come with a safety device that allows to control the speed created by the rider. The throttle limiter screw can be twisted into the throttle cable at the handlebars to control how much throttle can be grabbed. As your kid gains experience, the screw can be slowly backed out.

The ability to upgrade

As your child grows and gains experience and confidence, you will start thinking about upgrading his bike to something bigger, more powerful and serious. In this case the ability to upgrade within the same factory brand is a huge plus. As your kiddo gets used to a certain ride and familiar to its parts, it’s good to stick with the same brand. Therefore, you should choose a bike that can be upgraded from 50cc to 70cc or from 110cc to 125cc – the more sizes available, the better.

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Oh you know, the little show-offs love to brag about their cool rides. And why shouldn’t they, when they’re sporting a completely custom and cool dirt bike graphics kit? To make your MX star stand out of the crowd and make cheering for him even more solid, update your child’s dirt bike with a totally unique and fresh look – wrap it in custom dirt bike graphics kit. And yes, we here at OMX Graphics have plenty of options to choose from. 

Our Top 3 Dirt Bike for kid

Yamaha PW5O

The sweetest and safest ride out there, and we believe that the biggest part of MX riders started their dirt bike journey on a Pee-Wee. What makes them suitable for kids is the limited speed and sturdiness which makes it perfect for all the youngsters. 


One of the favorites for 9-12 year olds. This is also the first important step onto a geared bike.

Huskvarna TC85

Even though these Huskies are the perfect choice for 12-16 year olds, don’t be fooled by the looks – they are as competitive as a kids dirt bike can get, and the perfect start of a more serious racing career.

What kind of dirt bike would you choose for your kiddo?

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