Dirt Bike Adventures and Bucket List for 2020

Dirt Bike Adventures and Bucket List of 2020 – The Best MX Experience You Can Get

New year = new things to put on every dirt biker’ bucket list. This is the time to sit down and  put together all the cool stuff that happened in 2019, and also come up with an awesome to-do list to make 2020 even more smashing. If you’re a MX fan, chances are that your next year is going to be filled with fun things based around two-wheeled dirt bike adventures. This is our bucket list for the upcoming 2020 – steal the inspiration from us to have the best possible dirt bike year ever!

Baja 1000

Every dirt bike enthusiast knows that this off-road race is the ultimate dream playground for every motorhead out there. This epic endurance ride reminds us of Mad Max, and it is the king of the nonstop desert races, suitable for trucks, motorcycles and cars. Baja 1000 dirt bike adventures is not only captivating and wonderful, but also shockingly dangerous – for example, every year local pranksters dig holes on the course to catch the unaware – just imagine ending up in one in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert…  And then, of course, the weather and local mischief cases can get real harsh as well. But the risk rarely becomes the reason not to go, as the desert turns to a huge party during the race, plus the landscape is simply outstanding. Motorbikes and quad bikes start first – everything from Honda CRFs to KTMs, Yamahas and Kawasaki’s blast out of the start gate on to the streets lined with thousands of spectators. It’s as wild and dangerous as it can get – that’s why this gets our adrenaline pumping and is a must at least once a life. 

LaRocco’s Leap at Great Bud

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the greatest dirt bike jump in the world, the almighty LaRocco’s Leap. What’s so special about it? It is named after the former champion Mike LaRocco, and was created two decades ago. Just looking at the massive launch that precedes the triple jump’s two expansive gaps, one completely understands why it is so iconic. This do-or-die jump is so big and steep that even walking up is nearly impossible. The most important thing required to tackle this jump is not your skills or even the most superb dirt bike, but balls of steel – you simply cannot think twice before the jump as this mistake might be your final.

Have an off-road adventure

Of course, fun doesn’t end at the official off-road races and trails. Off-road riding at a beautiful landscape and discovering the path by yourself can be just as exciting. That’s why we are definitely planning a great escape the next year and taking off at least two weeks to ride from dawn till dusk (don’t worry, your custom MX graphics orders will be taken good care of!). Where are we planning to go? Chances are unlimited, but the next year seems like a good opportunity to visit the wild and epic trails of Vietnam. With different types of geographical features, the high mountains, forests and plateaus, this destination might provide the ultimate fun to make 2020 even more awesome. 

New Custom Dirt Bike Graphics

New year means a new design, right? We completely agree, so we plan on greeting the 2020 with a fresh set of custom dirt bike graphics on our trustworthy rides. If you’re going to make a hell of a ride out of the 2020, visiting iconic races or extreme trails, you better customize your MX ride to make the ride even more spectacular. OMX Graphics provide custom dirt bike graphics to all kinds of MX rides – Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki and Suzuki. Choose your model and reach out to us to get the custom dirt bike wrap your ride truly deserves.

What’s on your dirt bike bucket list for 2020? Any Dirt Bike Adventures on your mind?

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