BMX number plate graphics. BMX Customisation Ideas

Custom BMX number plate graphics are the finishing touch on your BMX. It makes you stand out of the crowd but that is just one way how to provide your bike with an individual profile that is yours and yours alone. The BMX universe is one where personalities are always on full display. If you want to make sure the bike you apply your custom BMX bike number plate graphics to is every inch an expression of your passion and dedication to the sport, here are a few tips on how to customise a BMX bike in order to achieve the look you’re after.

  • The Frame – The typical BMX bike has an aluminium frame. The fact that aluminium is so much lighter than steel allows the manufacturer to create a frame that with wider tubes and more robust welds. If you really want your BMX bike to fit you like a well-tailored suit you can begin by adjusting the height of the top tube as this one influences where the center of gravity is for the bike. Lower is generally better but it depends at least to some degree on your height. Seat clamps and chain tensioners are other popular customisation features.
  • The Forks – BMX bikes feature rigid forks. There’s no getting around it. Having a sophisticated suspension system might sound like a good idea but it would only add weight and it’s not really necessary anyway with the forces involved. The overwhelming majority of BMX forks are made of steel. If you want to customise your own BMX bike, including the forks, the angle they’re set at will be of primary interest. While it’s not common some riders will adjust the stock angle to work better with their own particular physical characteristics.
  • The Wheels – Most stock BMX wheels are fashioned from 36H alloy with a sealed hub, a double wall rim and steel axle. They’ll be able to handle pretty much whatever the average track presents them. But there are plenty of riders who order custom wheels for their bike; perhaps because they weigh more than the average rider or to accommodate a particular type of tire the stock wheel won’t.
  • The Brakes – US law states that BMX bikes must be sold with 2 brakes. When it comes to racing however, most riders will remove the one on the front wheel. Freestyle riders may feel otherwise. They may also opt for a different type of brake then the stock V-style that comes with most bikes.
  • The Bars and Stem – Most BMX bikes use 2-piece steel bars although chromoly steel is not unheard of on the high end bikes. Bars are one of the most common components of a BMX bike that a rider will customise. Grips are another area where riders are constantly asserting their personal preferences.
  • The drive train – The average BMX bike utilizes one of 3 different types of crank: the one, two and three piece cranks. Freestylers will often customise the drive train so that both the front and rear cranks are the same small size. They primarily do this in order to create maximum ground clearance which gives them more options when it comes to executing tricks.
  • The Custom BMX number plate graphics – if you’re thinking of turning your stock BMX bike into a customised track demon that chews up the competition and looks like a million bucks, order a customised BMX number plate graphics to complete the look. We’re the industry leaders in providing state-of-the-art graphics for dirt bikes and bring the same attention to all the custom number plate decals for BMX bikes as well. Ordering is easy and we stand by every graphic we produce. If it’s time to emerge from the shadows and take your place among the elite BMX riders then it’s time to announce your arrival with a stunning, custom BMX number plate graphic from OMX Graphics. 

The BMX bike you’ve always wanted is just one step away from perfection. Add a custom BMX number plate graphics from OMX today and make it look awesome!

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