Exploring the best in industry: Dirt bike brands and their flagship models

If there is one thing that’s impossible to decide, that’s Top 10 of the best dirt bike models.  First of all, let’s agree on one thing – the best dirt bike model is the one that hides in your garage. We all have our reasons and preferences why we chose a particular dirt bike brand. Sometimes it’s the brand that you hopped on as a child and learned to ride for the first time. The memories were so sweet that you just can’t give a chance to anything else. Sometimes it’s the one that is also owned and praised by your friends. And sometimes it’s a model that is chosen purely analytically, by going through various reviews, comparing the technical infos and so on. 

In other words, agreeing on the finest rides is a mission impossible. Just like you can’t name the best golf driver, you can’t pick just one motocross bike that has it all. However, we tried our best to name at least one from each brand. Welcome to our hall of fame – these are the boldest, fastest and dopest dirt bikes. And before you throw a can of beer to our direction, hear us out. Each of these rides offer a unique blend of performance, functionality, power and longevity. 

KTM 450 SX-F – The Podium Hunter

Ridden by the superstars like Ryan Sungey and Tony Cairoli, this dirt bike needs no further introduction. This beast has collected quite a few medals and cups during its lifespan, and we can clearly see why. KTM loudly states that this bike is the top of the foodchain. It might feel a bit too exaggerated, however the 450cc engine speaks for itself. It is one of the most powerful 4-stroke powerplants that is ready to fill all the podiums.

Photo credit: KTM

Honda CRF450F

If you’re a Honda fan, you might also agree that this model is the finest that Honda has ever had. Probably the best dirt bike model ever made. This powerhouse is able to punch out of the gates and come up with a serious lap time. What makes this model even more exceptional is the reliability. Honda CRF450F values precision and control to help you own the track. 

Photo credit: American Honda

Yamaha YZ450F

Yamaha has recently reinvented this model so it can proudly make this list. Lighter, faster and more powerful – this ride can boost your performance out on the track significantly. Some of the most important updates include a lightweight aluminium beam frame, ultra compact 450cc engine, improved suspension setting, new lightweight chassis components and more. If you consider all of that, we can surely call Yamaha YZ450F one of the most desired motocross rides on the market.

Photo Credit: Yamaha Motorsports

Suzuki RM-Z450

This is a solid motorcycle that might feel heavier than other bikes launched recentlu. Howerver, the more “planted” feeling surely compensates that. Therefore, this ride is surely more user-friendly than other track beasts. It still offers quite a puch at the track, however has a more controlled character. However, we must mention the great design of this ride. The sharp lines and yellow plus blue combination surely grabs an attention. If you’re not a fan of the traditional Suzuki  bodykit, RM-Z450 dirt bike graphics by OMX will give it a brand new identity.

Photo Credit: Suzuki Motorcycles

Kawasaki KX450 

This is a real motocross legend that still thrives. The KX legacy has already created a long line of champions over the years. And you can be sure that KX450 follows the footsteps of its ancestors – it is still a choice of the winners. This dirt bike offers an impressive power and maneuverability. The new features include new lightweight aluminum frame, muffler position, quick-release covers and other hot stuff.

Photo credit: Kawasaki

GasGas EC300

This dirt bike has received a complete makeover. It is light, powerful and ready to crush everything in its path. GasGas is well known for its high performance models and this ride is no exception. Lots of MX enthusiasts were waiting for the first big update since KTM group took GasGas under its roof. And EC300 does not disappoint – it has a new frame, swingarm, bodywork and of course, a brand new engine. Are you ready to change your religion to GasGas?

Photo credit: GasGas

Husqvarna FC450

Husqvarna combined traditional Swedish craftsmanship with an edge-cutting technology and introduced us with FC450. They say that victory is a clear decision when you choose this motocross model. It has received multiple technical upgrades and holds its class-leading performance on the track. It has been updated with new engine, chassis and electronics to put a real definition of power between your legs. If you’re after a premium experience, look no further as FC450 is ready to take you to all the podiums you desire. Just make sure to update your ride with some kickass Husqvarna FC450 dirt bike graphics to always stand out.

Photo credit: Husqvarna

Sherco SE-R 300

Even though this is not the most popular motocross brand, Sherco still offers some outstanding dirt bikes. SE-R 300 might be the loudest and proudest of them all. This 300cc two-stroke model is the perfect ride for guys who prefer lighter and more agile model. Overall, this bike offers a lot of fun, performance and power, and when you combine it with dope Sherco SE-R 300 dirt bike graphics, it gets even better.

Photo credit: Sherco

TM Racing EN 300

Italians do know how to create great cars, wine, fashion, pizza and of course –  dirt bikes. EN 300 is the flagship model of TM Racing and they are truly proud of it. This machine is a great choice for all kinds of off-road racing and becomes the best partner in crime when it comes to loud and muddy adventures.

Photo credit: TM Racing

Beta 350 RR

This is another Italian masterpiece that a lot of us would love to take for a ride. This beast is powered by 350cc engine – do we need to say more? This Beta model is capable of many great things and expresses itself the best in hardcore riding conditions. Therefore, Beta 350 RR is suitable for very confident and physically fit riders due to its torque and power.

All the bikes mentioned above are definitely crazy good dirt bike models, no doubts about it. And trust us, we would sport any of them, or even better ride different bike each day. But every bike is better bike with new motocross graphics kit on it. And this is where you choose OMX!

Have fun!

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