Best Age to Start Motocross: Tips for Parents and Riders

Motocross racing is an exciting activity that improves your physical and emotional health. It is not surprising that so many sports enthusiasts are lured to this activity and satiate their desire for a motocross. Although many young people participate in this activity and parents frequently ask us what is the ideal age for their children to begin motocross. 

The foundational elements of commencing motocross experiences will be covered in this essay. You can learn more about the ideal age for your child to begin motocross riding here, along with advice on what to keep in mind before getting into the world of dirt bikes.

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Examine Your Child’s Ability for Riding A Dirt Bike

There’s no restricted age for exposing your kids to dirt biking. The proper moment depends on how well you examine your child’s maturity and capacity to face the demands of riding. To get your kids started, start with kid-friendly and lightweight electric models.

As we discussed earlier, before introducing dirt bikes to your kids, you must inspect their interests and skills. For example, a child of around six years old can enjoy dirt bikes, but at the same time, an eight-year-old kid might face difficulty being on the trail. 

Moreover, one important thing you need to remember is your child’s safety in this sport. It is crucial to guide them about the rules of dirt biking and get them safety gear.

To help you out for choosing the right bike according to your child, consider the following general guidelines: 

  • Toddler (2-3 Years Old) 

It’s parents’ choice whether they want to introduce their kids to dirt bikes. As a parent, if you know the safety measures, you will not hesitate to let your kids start dirt biking. Your child can create a good bike with a 6V bike with training wheels. A lanyard is attached to the bike so your child can control his speed. 

  • Three to Six Years 

If your child is between 3- 6 years old, choose bikes for him that have less than 10 mph speeds. Many types of bikes are available in the market with this speed specially designed to provide kids with safety. Since kids are growing at this age, their capacity to understand the bike will increase, giving them help and guidance. 

Specific models with a maximum speed of 3 mph are made for three-year-olds and guarantee a safe ride for kids of this age. Both electric and battery-powered bike models will be appropriate for kids of this age.

  • Seven to Nine Years 

If your child has been riding since their toddler age, they might need more powerful vehicles. There is are chance that they will manage a big dirt bike. As their excitement for dirt bikes increases, bikes larger than 50cc engines are more likely to satisfy their needs for faster speeds and stunts. 

  • Ten to Eleven Years 

Kids at this age can handle bikes with more horsepower, such as 70cc. If you believe in your kid’s abilities, consider purchasing dirt bikes with greater torque. But first, checking whether they want to use the engine power is essential. 

  • Teenagers

For teenagers, dirt bikes are more durable and stable. At this age, they can ride with 50-125cc engines as they can ride these bikes more skillfully and may even be ready to compete. 

Safety should always be the number one priority when it comes to children. Ensure your kids understand the importance of safe riding guidelines and always wear protective helmets, clothing and other gear. Keep your eyes on their progress and update their bike’s models according to their capabilities. The fun of a dirt bike can only be achieved when it is compatible with your child’s level, physical growth and self-assurance. 

Tips for Parents

So, now you know the best age for your kids to ride a dirt bike. Now it is time to look into the tips to help you improve your kids at motocross biking. 

  • Encourage Your Kids for Safety Gear 

Sometimes, kids choose to ignore wearing safety gear. But as parents, you are responsible for encouraging your kids to use appropriate protective gear such as goggles, helmets, and body armour. Ensure that the helmet and other gears are comfortable for your kids and should not be too tight, making them uncomfortable throughout the ride. 

  • Enrol Them in a Motocross Academy 

Getting your kids enrolled in a motocross academy would be the best decision you will ever make, as the academies are perfect for enhancing their MX experience. They teach them from scratch and work on the child’s weakness for riding a dirt bike. Professional and expert instructions from experienced riders will help your kid gain more interest in this sport. 

  • Teach Them Patience  

Teach your kids patience and help them understand that motocross takes time and dedication. Encourage your kids to practice regularly to boost their riding skills and dirt bike control on different tracks. 

  • Make Them Aware of the Game Rules 

Join your kid in the fun activity of motocross and remind them of the importance of playing fair throughout the game. Tell them the importance of respecting their fellow riders and encourage them to do their best. Moreover, let them learn about the significance of good conduct before and after the race. 

  • Hook Up Their Bike With a Custom Motocross Graphics Kit

Safety is the most important aspect when talking about motocross – no doubts about it. But don’t forget about the visual appearance of your young rider as well. All kids want to look cool on and off the track. Starting with custom mx jerseys and going all the way to personalised graphics. Custom dirt bike graphics kit will not only make their bike look better and turn heads, it will make them more noticeable on the track, and that’s a safety aspect as well.

Wrap Up 

If your child has started showing interest in dirt biking, before you indulge them in their hobby, it is vital to consider their age. Take help with the tips and the best age for riding a dirt bike as this way, you will not only maintain your child’s safety, but your child will also feel confident in pursuing their passion for dirt biking. 


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