How To Improve Mental Toughness in Motocross

The mental game of motocross is just as important as perfecting your riding skills. At the end of the day, it’s a story about becoming better than you were a day ago. So how to achieve that? Set purposeful goals, maintain a positive mindset, and cultivate mental toughness. Jumping into the world of motocross isn’t just about doing cool tricks and racing faster than others. It’s also about having the right attitude and a smart plan to reach your goals. In this blog post, we’ll explore the mental side of motocross, focusing on setting goals, keeping a positive mindset, and getting mentally tough to make your dirt biking adventure a success.

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As Ed Bradley, a former MX racer and a master practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) admits, the best strategy is to set a goal. Be very clear with the details – if you usually finish 8th and dream of climbing higher, aim for 6th. Usually all the people take the pressure by dreaming of the first three podium places. However, this strategy puts a lot of stress on you, and sometimes is not very realistic. Sure, we all might get lucky, but we clearly now and feel the capabilities of our riding skills and bikes. Sometimes it just takes some extra work, and the best way to display the progress is climbing one or two levels higher. In other words, it takes one step at a time.

Having a realistic plan will most likely work out as you will see all the small steps required to reach the ultimate goal. Begin by establishing both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals could involve mastering a specific riding technique or conquering a challenging trail. Long-term goals might include participating in a race series, improving lap times, or exploring new terrains. Success is not reaching the first place. It can also mean reaching 6th, 10th or 30th place if that’s what you’ve been working for. Just make your goals specific and measurable and that’s all the secret.

Know yourself

You must have a strategy for racing. Sounds obvious, right? However, not many riders do that, especially beginners, when winning feels like a must. So where’s the secret? You must plan the race beforehand. Do you race from the holeshot till finish in your own pace? Or maybe you save the energy for first laps and then go all in to push to the finish? Know your style of riding and know your strengths beforehand to gain a psychological advantage.

Photo: Freepik

Work on your routine

Your mind just loves repetition. When you have your routine ready for race days, it’s hard to get distracted by other thoughts. If you love having your Earl Grey tea in race mornings, just drink that and always know that you’ll have the option. The same goes for being in holding area and waiting for a holeshot. Preparation is huge in this case – the worst thing that can happen is having a routine and realising that something is missing to fulfill it. That’s why having a team (yes, your wife, family or buddies count) is very important because sometimes they are the ones who take care of all the extra details. The best rides happen when your mind is clear and silent. Don’t overthink your competitors or meaningless techniques before the race. Just concentrate on your goal and follow that, empty your mind and breathe. 

Have your presentation ready

The looks of your bike is more than just about being cool – it can give you an extra dose of confidence. Just think about that – when your ride looks dope, you’re actually proud to shred the dirt and showcase your MX beast to the world. Therefore, having custom dirt bike graphics can also boost your self esteem and create a strong presentation. All of these small details can help to make you more sure of yourself.

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