MXGP World Championship 2024: Predictions and Top Riders to Watch

The forthcoming MXGP World Championship, in 2024, is expected to be extremely thrilling. Triumph Racing will be launched into the championship and fans can look forward to fierce competition intense rivalries and all the drama we love and adore in Motocross, va va vroom!

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Jett Lawrence: The Rookie Sensation

Jett Lawrence, a rookie in the 2024 MXGP World Championship, is getting a lot of attention. Even though he is still new to this sport, Lawrence has gained fame by performing excellently on the 450 while also going unbeaten outdoors in the United States.

The way Lawrence rides reminds people of the greats like: Stefan Everts, Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath. His technical excellence coupled with his calm decision-making and measured approach makes him a formidable contender. Lawrence has sky high confidence and aims at surpassing Jeremy McGrath’s record of 72 victories, but can he be equal to the hype?

Eli Tomac: The Revenge Seeker

Eli Tomac is also another noteworthy rider to watch out for in the 2024 MXGP World Championship. He had a very good opportunity of winning the 2022 championship before his Achilles tendon was injured. Now with vengeance as his motivation, he goes into the 2024 season with both experience and a desire to win at all costs.

Chase Sexton and Cooper Webb: The Title Defenders

Let’s not forget, Chase Sexton and Cooper Webb who are both defending champions. Sexton whose 2022 Supercross title was overshadowed by Tomac’s injury and Lawrence’s dominance will be focused on proving himself on the KTM team but is he equal to the task of adapting to a new bike and defending his championship? On the other hand, Webb disappointed with his previous bike is now riding the same motorcycle as Tomac, has he run out of excuses?

Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson: The Consistent Contenders

We can also add Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson to the list of top contenders. Last year, Roczen’s speed amazed everyone and his possession of the WSX title means that he is going to be a regular competitor for both wins and podium finishes. If Anderson comes back to his 2021 form or avoids the on-track disagreements that have plagued his career he could also be pushing for the title

Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo: The Speedsters with Question Marks

The 2024 season also might see Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo as two riders pushing for podium finishes. For the Phoenix Honda rider Ferrandis, he seems to be satisfied with his bike and might be able to show his indoor speed at the 450 class provided he has a strong start. Yet, could the problem with Cianciarulo’s wrist overshadow an otherwise promising season?

Malcolm Stewart, Christian Craig, and the Other Lawrence Brother: Dark Horses

Malcolm Stewart and Christian Craig where bothe promising in testing, with the two riders possibly being surprise packages in the 2024 MXGP World Championship. Jeremy Martin’s teammate, Christian Craig, appears to be more satisfied with his motorcycle than many of his rivals and fans seem excited by the prospect of seeing him come up against real competition. Also, Hunter Lawrence, who is Jett Lawrence’s elder brother, has everything it takes to be a top-five contender, given his skill, self-belief and experience in 450 racing.

Triumph Racing’s Entry and Test Riders: Ivan Tedesco and Clément Desalle

In other news Triumph Racing is joining the MXGP World Championship for the first time with Ivan Tedesco and Clément Desalle as their expert test riders. Tedesco, a one-time AMA SX and MX champion, will work as a testing rider to help Triumph in developing their race ready package. On the other hand, Desalle will add his vast knowledge on Triumph’s MX2 program, with the involvement of both riders can Triumph get the results needed to make an impact in their debut season?

Triumph Racing’s Future and Exciting Prospects

With the Triumph Racing team joining the MXGP World Championship, there is an overwhelming feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air. It is clear that the team has invested heavily in research and development as well as experienced riders. Triumph’s noteworthy ability to manufacture, quality off-road motorcycles offers a tantalising glimpse of what they can bring to the sport, with Tedesco and Desalle among others joining the brand who knows how far they can go.

As fans prepare for MXGP World Championship 2024 to begin, they can look forward to a fierce fight characterized by unpredictability and the emergence of new teams and racing stars. However, these four top contenders – Jett Lawrence, Eli Tomac, Chase Sexton and Cooper Webb will undeniably provide amongst the top competitors pushing a star studied field. Be prepared for thrilling races with each rider pushing themselves and their bikes to the limit.

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