Are you stoked for the new upcoming season?! We are for sure, and knowing how fast all the custom dirt bike graphic kits fly away from the shelves of our warehouse, we can see that you’re getting excited as well. Brand-new custom MX decal kit is a must when you prepare a dirt bike for season, but there are few more important steps before your sweet ride hits the dirt. So let’s prepare a dirt bike for mad adventures and kickstart the new season!

Fuel System

If your bike hasn’t been moved for months, the gasoline might get bad – the pump gas we use tends to evaporate and separate after just a couple of weeks, leaving all of the grime that is mixed into the gas behind. The leftovers can mess with the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine, clogging it up badly – that leads to a dirt bike that runs poorly or won’t even start. That’s why a good thing to start with would be cleaning the fuel system – if the gas is old and untreated, drain the fuel and dispose it. Pour fresh gasoline in the tank only when the tank is clean. A good idea is cleaning the carburetor, injector (at this moment change the spark plug as well) and air filter. Prepare a dirt bike well for the season as it will have to stand harsh times.


The golden rule with most of the dirt bikes is to change the oil every 10 to 15 hours of riding. Take a good look at the seals – does it seem that anything is leaking? That might happen over the winter and must be addressed when you get your dirt bike ready for spring. Check the radiator fluid level and brake fluid level as well.


If your dirt bike has one, we hope you did charge it once in a month during the cold season. If not, don’t worry – we won’t tell, but that means your sweet ride needs a little extra attention now. Put it on a charger and check the liquid level – if it’s not a sealed battery, open and refill it with distilled water. 


First of all, check the tire pressure – they must have lost some air during the winter. Set the pressure to the manufacturer’s specifications. If they are worn, cracking, with missing threads or they are peeling off, it is recommended to put on new tires. 


Another crucial step is pulling your levers and testing if they pull smoothly – they may need to be lubricated or replaced. If your dirt bike has hydraulic systems, check the fluid in them. Same goes to brakes, you must add or replace brake fluid if they seem soft. 


If the machine is chain driven, check if the chain is adjusted and oiled. Cleaning and lubricating the chain will make your ride more enjoyable. If it seems cracked, rusty and has bunch of kinks in it, replace it.

The Final Check-Up

Look over the machine and check the brake pads to ensure they have plenty of friction material. Make sure the bolts and nuts are not loose. Last but not the least, take a good look on those plastics of your ride. Do they seem well-worn and need to be updated? If you choose OMX Graphics, we can guarantee that your next custom dirt bike graphics kit will be a good decision that lasts for years and many mad rides to come. Now, when your dirt bike is ready for spring, let’s meet in the mud!

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