It’s great to be a champion, but even better to rule the track and stand out in the crowd with your madly awesome custom dirt bike graphics kit. In order to do that, read our dirt bike graphics trends of 2020/2021 and you’ll know how to pick the best-looking MX decals out there.

Classic Blue
As usual, Pantone has named the color of the year, and for 2020 we’ll see the Classic Blue everywhere. We don’t mind the Coral which was praised last year, but you might agree that the deeply blue color looks way better on a dirt bike – so why not go hand-in-hand with the Pantone’s color prediction and pick your custom dirt bike graphics kit according to that? Now that’s a real trendsetter’s choice.

Suzuki Mx Graphics Dazzle Promo
 Dirt bike graphics trends 2020

Steel Grey
You might remember the times when all the cool guys sported madly bright dirt bike graphics boosted with skull patterns, but those times are long gone – and we’re blessed for that. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing bad about a splash of brightness, if it’s done tastefully right (except for the skulls – you should get disqualified for that). Right now there is nothing cooler than a dark grey graphics kit that makes your dirt bike look sleek but aggressive. Appreciated by the ladies in the crowd, too.

Cool Camo
Camouflage is one of the motocross graphics trends that we are very fond of – that’s why we have few design options on our OMX Graphics site. Of course, it has to be done right as well, otherwise you might risk looking hideously out of place. Choose a design where the camouflage is used as a subtle accent or a way to play around with the colors.

Patriotic Twist
A trend started by OMX, then copied by others – our Patriots collection with a flag-inspired pattern truly is a showstopper and looks freaking amazing on every dirt bike out there. Just choose the flag you want to sport or hit us up to order a graphics kit with your own home country flag and have the best-looking MX ride this season for sure. 

Which one of these dirt bike graphics trends would you choose?

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