Ever wondered how cool would it be to get free dirt bike graphics kit – just like that? Your dreams can become reality as OMX Graphics is running a MX graphics kit giveaway. Read on to find out how to test your luck.

Here’s a contest MX world has been buzzing about for a while now – a race for 10k held on OMX Graphics’ Instagram profile. Where’s the trick, you might ask? Believe it or not, there is none – this actually might be the easiest way EVER to update your dirt bike with brand new custom MX graphics kit… yep, for free. 

As we restarted our Instagram profile just recently, we thought – why don’t we have a little fun and celebrate this cool little thing with our wolf pack of fellow followers. That’s how the idea of #racefor10k was born – a race for 10 000 followers on our Instagram profile, pinpointing each 1k with a free dirt bike graphics kit for one lucky winner. Although we knew this is the coolest thing any of the MX graphics companies has done ever, we were still quite surprised to see how this contest blew up the Instagram scene. But worry not, you still have a huge chance to participate – and actually kickstart the spring with a fresh custom motocross graphics kit. For free (sorry, we just like saying that).

So here’s the deal. Go to Instagram and find, then hit the FOLLOW button. 


Yeah, you heard us right. All you have to do to win free dirt bike graphics kit is just follow our Instagram profile and you might become one of 10 lucky winners (although we must admit that everyone is a winner by following us, as we post really cool stuff out there). As soon as we hit each 1k of followers, we choose a winner fair & square by collecting all the new follower names and putting them into a random generator to get the lucky one. So the formula is easy as that – 10 000 followers, 10 free dirt bike graphics kit winners. 

So hurry up – run to our Instagram page, follow us and then get back here to scroll through all the freaking awesome custom dirt bike graphics kit options – who knows, you might just get one (yeah, you guessed – for free).

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