Light It Up With RASTA by OMX Graphics

You might agree that couple of previous years have been pretty tough and mentally challenging. Thankfully, there’s still a few joys of the life left that help even at the darkest times. For us, that always is a nice riding session with our bikes, a good smoke and a mental getaway with some reggae music. Therefore, we introduce our latest rastafari-inspired dirt bike graphics RASTA, ready to take you higher.

Before you call us a drop-out stoners, we can explain the relaxation motifs behind our previous statement. It all began just a short moment before the pandemic chaos hit the world. Right before the virus locked all the airports for good, we managed to experience the ultimate exotic escape.   Of course, palm trees and cocktails are cool but when the vacation includes dirt bikes, what’s better than that? The last trip our founder John took was two years ago to Jamaica, his dream destination. Hanging out with the local dirt bike enthusiasts, passing the joints around at countless beach bars, and living in the rhythm of reggae was a complete bliss. As much as we adore our job, everyone needs a 5 minutes (or 3 weeks) for a time-off, right? And for us, the Jamaican chill vibes and Rasta spirit stuck for good, helping to survive the lockdown season. 

Ride with RASTA

Life is too serious but motocross shouldn’t be. That’s why we are presenting our latest dirt bike graphics collection RASTA that is seriously high on chill vibes. If you’re aiming for a “That’s smoking!” reaction from your pals and fans, look no further. These designs will do the job just stunningly. Playing around the colors of the Jamaican flag, adding a few Rasta key phrases and well-known MJ elements, we have created a dope design that looks fly. Unique, unapologetic, and true to your vibe – that’s what dirt bike riding should always be like. 

As with every motocross graphics kit created by OMX Graphics, this collection is no exception when it comes to quality. Printed on 21MIL thick Substance material, it is the gold standard of the motocross decals. Looking fly and good to go for years – that’s what we are aiming for when creating every graphics kit. And with these ones, we can surely say that we nailed it for 100%. To make it even better, we are giving you customisation options and US & EU delivery free of charge. 

Even though JA isn’t well known for its flourishing motocross scene, a passionate dirt bike community is slowly changing it. If you’re looking for the ultimate Jamaican dirt bike experience, we recommend checking out Irie Moto Tours. For an occasional racing events, head to DaCosta farm dirt bike track.

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