SEMPER FI Graphics for All The Dirt Bike Warriors

You might agree that every ride on a track feels like a small battle. And every dirt bike warrior deserves to be praised. In addition when he’s already one of the nation’s biggest heroes. To pay our dues to marines rocking dirt bikes, we are coming up with a new dirt bike graphics serie SEMPER FI.

In the past few years we have noticed that the number of marine corps riding dirt bikes is increasing rapidly. And there is a big reason behind that. One thing that all the veterans have in common is the need of adrenaline rush. And having a rocket between the legs seems like a solid plan of achieving it on a daily base.

Another – riding dirt bikes is nothing new to elite U.S. fighting force. For more than 10 years, Marine special ops in Afganistan are bringing motorcycles into their weapons arsenal. Using hybrid dirt bikes that are practically silent, they can launch their assault on enemy stronghold and take them by surprise. These bikes are powered by two sources – an engine that burns several types of fuel and a super-quiet electric motor. Therefore, the loudest sound is tires on dirt as the marines twist and turn their silent, nimble two-wheeled killing machines. That became our biggest inspiration for our new graphics series.

Uniting All the Track Fighters

Why did we chose to name our new dirt bike graphics design series this way? Semper Fi was established in 1883 and this motto distinguishes the bond developed and shared between Marines. Latin for “Always Faithful”, Semper Fidelis symbolises a collective commitment to the success of the battles. The fighting spirit that rules on a battlefield often seems similar to the one seen on a bike track. And when you’ve been living on the edge for so many years, a peaceful retirement sounds good only for the first couple of months. What’s better than taking your two-wheeled monster and getting lost in the trails, right? For us, there isn’t a better way of getting away from anything and anyone.

Raw, Classy and Aggressive

Playing war with water guns is one thing but getting ready for an actual war is a completely different story. Therefore, to pay our respects to our warriors, we have created a new dirt bike graphics collection SEMPER FI. Featured in sandy browns, bright yellows, mad blues and fiery reds, these designs look raw, classy and aggressive. Stylised camouflage pattern in different shades pops on the track and makes every bike stand out from the crowd. It combines the best of the two worlds – the warrior spirit of US marines and the sleek appearance of a classic dirt bike. 

Same as with every motocross graphics kit we create, Semper Fi dirt bike graphics are printed on the highest quality 21 MIL Substance material that is made to last. No matter how aggressive your riding sessions can get, we assure that these decals will survive even the toughest conditions. And thousands of satisfied customers is a solid proof of guarantee. Every decals set gets dispatches with FedEx to make sure you receive it in a timely manner right to your doorstep.

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