Now You Can Design Your Own Graphics Kit – And Get it for Free

OMX Graphics is opening a contest for all the graphic designers. The best part is that you will decide how the grand prize looks. Create your own graphics kit and enter the contest to get it for free!

Do you have a feeling that nobody gets your vision? Have you gone through countless MX graphics sites only to realise there is nothing good enough for your ride? Yeah, for us it was the same so we truly get your struggle. After all, that was the reason why we came up with OMX Graphics in the first place. As we couldn’t find a graphics kit that looks dope and lasts for years, we started our own company. Does that mean that you have to buy your own factory as well? Fill it with printing technologies worth a small fortune and smart cutting machines to come up with the perfect kit? That would be pretty hardcore, as we can tell from our own experience. But here comes the good news. 

OMX Graphics is opening a new contest for all the aspiring graphic designers. The rules are simple – send us a graphics design made completely by yourself. The entries are unlimited, so you can let your creativity flow and literally flood us with awesome designs. Do you want to know the delicious part? The lucky three ones with the best MX design will receive the specific kit for their bike completely for free. Sounds good, right? Plus, the winning designs will be included in OMX’s collection with a credit to the designer. Believe us, seeing the graphics you have created in tracks all over the world feels truly awesome.

So basically this contest is for everyone who has ever thought: “Just hold my beer, and I’ll create a better graphics in a blink of an eye”. All you need is a graphic arts program, a solid taste and willingness to get crazy with colors and patterns. We have been in this business for more than 10 years. Therefore, we can surely say that we have seen it all. At least, till now. Are you ready to surprise us? 

As with every graphics we provide, the winning kit will also be printed on 21MIL thick material that lasts for years. Playing it classy with neutrals or going the funky way with bright hues? That’s up to you, as all the colors will look stunning when printed. All you have to worry about is the design, we’ll take care of the rest.

So send your dirt bike graphics design to our email: [email protected] One participant can submit limitless entries. The contest runs till the end of the summer when we will come up with the lucky winner. So have fun, get wild and show us what you’ve got! 

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