All the savages, rejoice! Black Friday comes not only with a mind-blowing sale but also with a new dirt bike graphics collection. So here it is – we are proud to introduce the Wild Ones graphics collection. Ready to grab the next bestselling decals kit?

For quite a time, we were buzzing about some great news we’re working on. We know, many of you were impatient and kept badgering us about the next big thing. But good things happen to those who wait. And finally, we can reveal the big secret. 

Rides of The Wild

Brand new dirt bike graphics collection – wilder and cooler than ever. We are bringing jungle straight to the track! We built the new collection around absolutely savage and wildlife-inspired patterns that are totally unique and made to stand out. Our inspiration for creating this collection was jungle and safari, especially the wild animals who live only by their own rules. As you already know, life on a dirt bike can be quite rough. You have to fight hard to make it till the finish. Sometimes that truly reminds of a ruthless safari where everyone’s fighting for their own. Showing off your wildest side on a bike probably won’t add any horsepower, but it will look dope as hell for sure.

Choose your animal

Three spirit animals: zebra, leopard, and king of the jungle – tiger. We took these animal prints and turned them to raddest motocross graphics designs out there. Our design team worked their bottoms off, to create the dopest graphic kits available on the market right now. Everyone will find the one that suits them the best. Sophisticated neutrals, bright cyan and lime hues, or OMX’s signature colors – black and yellow? That’s up to you to choose, as all of them look absolutely smashing. Take a walk on the wild side and unleash your animal instincts! And if you’re ready to go even further, check out the awesome MX jerseys available on our website. We are working on a wildlife-inspired MX clothing collection as well that’s about to hit the web in the upcoming days. You’ll be able to match your outfit to the bike and make sure that crowd goes mental when it sees you. The king of the jungle and king of the track!

Uncompromised quality

As always, quality goes first for us. We are using our heavy-duty 21MIL thick Substance material thas is made to last and won’t let you down. It is proven to look dope for years to come. Thousands of our customers sporting OMX kits through mad terrains and extreme races on a daily base is another proof of the  premium quality. In other words, we are creating our product the way we want it for ourselves. And being completely dedicated dirt bike riders by ourselves, we are happy that OMX graphics are outreaching our expectations every time.

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