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Ok, let’s be real – when it comes to riding any motorised vehicles it is never 100% safe. As per our experience, shit can hit the fan real fast. But who promised fun is going to be safe anyways? You might agree that life without a daily hit of adrenaline would be so boring. The same applies to snowmobiling. There’s plenty of challenge awaiting when you’re about to ride into the winter wonderland. The best preparation is knowing where you’re getting yourself into so read our tips on how to avoid the biggest threats of snowmobiling. Take a Safety Course Many states require a snowmobile certificate and honestly, there is a reason for that. A safety course helps to learn all the dangerous conditions and escape potential hazards. Especially if you haven’t even ridden a snowmobile, taking a safety course is a no-brainer. Avoid Riding on Frozen Water In Canada, …


Dopest snowmobile destinations for your bucket list

If you’re a real snowmobile aficionado, that means just one thing – you are one of the rare creatures who actually enjoys winter and everything that comes along. While mostly every human being prays for the cold months to end (to hop on a dirt bike and shred the first mud of spring), you’re actually out there having heaps of fun. Suddenly you feel like a child again as the very first snowflakes bring loads of excitement and every day spent on a snowmobile feels like Christmas.And we truly cannot blame you, we get the hype. Beautiful scenery, peaceful nature covered by heavy snowdrifts and crystal-white snow, reflecting the insanely dope sled wrap on your ride… That creates a real addiction. That’s why, when regular people are considering white sand beaches covered with lush palm trees as their ultimate destination, you’re going the opposite way (hey, at least it’s less …

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Snowmobile destinations by OMX Graphics


The ultimate search for perfect sled wraps ends here. Your design dreams are about to come true as OMX is launching a brand new project – SNOWMOBILE GRAPHICS. If there is a way of starting 2022 with a blast, then here at OMX we’re pros at it. While some strive to create the dopest MX designs and conquer the first search positions on Google, we have all that done for years now. Sure, keeping up with the trends and not letting anyone near our positions will always be on our focus. However, this time we’re kicking off the new year with something truly HUGE.Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we are launching our newest product – SLED WRAPS. Paraphrasing the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong, this is a small step for us and one giant leap for industry. If you own a snowmobile and had hard times finding a …


Sled Wrap Kit Comet Promo Sky Blue

Custom Motocross Seat Cover By OMX

If you ask us, there are never too many matching accents for your bike. When you already have a custom graphics kit and rim stickers, there’s just few things left to take care of. One of them – custom motocross seat cover by OMX. We are proudly introducing another custom feature for your bike to make your ride even more good-looking.  New riding season calls for some fresh updates, right? Of course, hooking up a ride with custom motocross graphics kit is cool. In addition, it is even cooler when the decals come from OMX. But hey – everybody already does that. So if you were wondering how to go that extra twist, here’s great news. From now on, OMX Graphics presents not only the finest graphics on planet Earth, but also top quality motocross seat covers. And yes, they can be customisable to match your dirt bike perfectly. Our …

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OMX GRAPHICS x MXGP 2020: The Dope Collab You Can Hit Up On Your Xbox

The best custom dirt bike graphics of 2020? We’re not gonna brag, but hey – some facts speak for themselves. This year has been a huge success for us. You probably already noticed – a new website, loads of great designs including many for GASGAS, and thousands of stoked customers. But there is just one last milestone we haven’t told you about. If you ever wondered how cool actually OMX graphics look on a dirt bike, now you have the chance to check out our decals on a real track… Well, almost. With the launch of MXGP 2020, we announce our newest collaboration with the only official motocross game which now features OMX Graphics. MXGP has been among our favorite games for quite a while, and it’s easy to see why. Sometimes the weather outside is simply the worst and you just can’t help but dream of racing. Hitting the …

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Q&A with the founder of OMX Graphics, John

Behind every great brand is a person with a great idea. For OMX Graphics, the soul and mind of the company is John. Here, we chat with John about his greatest achievements, founding one of the leading dirt bike graphics companies and setting the trails on fire since childhood. We know that you’re quite a petrolhead yourself. How did you get into riding dirt bikes? I was about 5 or 6 years old when I got the taste of mud for the first time. That became pretty addictive since then! One of my friends had KTM 50 and we took turns to ride it. It was just mad! We were a gang of small hooligans, to be honest. Sometimes I even wonder – how the hell we got out of it alive. I was crashing literally all the time!  So the thrill of riding never got boring since then? No, …

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